Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get Iki Island Horse Armor

The latest Ghost of Tsushima expansion takes Jin Sakai to the beautiful but hostile shores of a nearby island where Raiders and Mongols have his name on a hit list. For this reason, it is important that Jin not only protect himself, but also his trusty horse, which means reclaiming the armor worn by his father’s horse. Here’s how to get the Iki Island Horse Armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

How to get the Iki Island Horse Armor

To get the horse armor of Iki Island, you will have to face the mythical story “The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai”, which you will learn from the raiders on the east coast of the island. # 39; island in Zasho Bay. Initially he will be asked to sit down and listen to the assailant’s account of Jin’s father, but after Jin disagrees with his version of events, he is expelled. To hear the rest of the story, you must sneak into their fortress and listen to them.

To sneak into the fortress, go to the left of the entrance, then go up and enter the building opposite, then go down a staircase. Be careful not to be seen, as this is (unfortunately) a forced stealth sequence that will fail if detected.

With the rest of the story heading to a wrecked ship off the coast, it’s time to get there. Climb the cliff in front of the Raider’s Fortress.

Now get on the masts using the R2 trigger to use your grappling hook.

You will reach a rock cave with a wrecked ship that crashed into a rock. Use your grappling hook to pull the mast down, then you can step back and use it to move to the next area. Then you will fall into a pool of water.

Swim in the first passage, then in a second below which you can pass (photo above). From there you will find another mast to take down. Do that, then go back to the first area you fell into.

Locate the wrecked ship’s hull and use your grappling hook to remove the bracket underneath so you can climb it, scale the cliff, and swing off the mast you lowered earlier. You will then find yourself on another sunken ship.

Use your grapple again to lower the mast. This time it will fall and create a bridge that you can cross. Now you can see your target in the distance. Now you will have to jump several small rocks, being careful not to get carried away by the incoming waves.

Finally, you will end up on the ship where you can collect your prize.

As you can see above, Sakai horse armor makes your horse’s new carrying capacity even more powerful. Now deals 50% more damage and is capable of taking out raw enemies with a single hit.

And he does it for our How to get the horse armor of the Iki island in Ghost of Tsushima . If you’re looking for even more help, be sure to check out our wiki guide.

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