What Is Squid Software;How Does It Works

What is Squid:

Squid is a software used to manage computer networks and access to the internet.Installing Squid on a computer network reduces internet bandwidth consumption and optimizes the response time between the network and the machine. This is because it uses information you have previously learned, such as the most frequently accessed pages.

In practice, using Squid means a faster internet connection, consuming less information in your search to open a particular page and read the content.Squid also ends up playing the role of tool that assists in the monitoring of accesses, since it can capture information about the use (such as the pages accessed by a certain machine). Its use is very common for controlling large computer networks in companies.Squid works in open source for Unix and Linux and supports the protocols HTTP, HTTPS, FTP among others.Squid is also an animal in English. In the Portuguese translation, Squid is Lula.


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