How to watch “The Squid Game” online

The Squid Game ” has become the latest big hit that everyone is talking about. Although the series was released a little over a month ago, it has already become the most demanded costume for this Halloween, something that has not been liked in certain sectors that see the anonymity that this clothing provides as the perfect excuse to scare and cause the chaos in the streets .

In recent days, some controversy has also been created by the statements of the NBA player LeBron James, who has not been very satisfied with the end of the series.

Some words that have reached the ears of Hwang Dong-hyuk, the showrunner of The Squid Game, who could not help but give the reply to the protagonist of Space Jam 2: “This is my end, if he has his own satisfactory ending maybe could do its own sequel. I’ll take a look at him and maybe text him saying, ‘I liked your whole series, except for the ending.’

Jokes and controversies aside, the truth is that “The Squid Game” is a series that has not left anyone indifferent. How can we see it online? Where is it broadcast?

How to watch the series “The Squid Game” online

“The Squid Game” (also known as “Squid Game” in English-speaking countries) is an action and suspense series, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. A Korean series consisting of 9 episodes and currently airing exclusively on Netflix .

The plot revolves around the story of 456 people who decide to participate in a survival game in which the winner will get a multimillion dollar sum of money. Most players have debts and money problems, which will give them the strength to continue in a seemingly childish but deadly game.

Watch The Squid Game on Netflix

Things you should know before watching “The Squid Game”

  • The creator of the series confessed that it cost him a lot to write the script for the series: it took him 6 months to write and rewrite only the first two chapters.
  • “The Squid Game” is the most watched foreign language series in Netflix history.
  • Although we are facing a series of fiction, The Squid Game takes into account several details of real life, such as the fact that currently a large part of South Korean households are in debt, to such an extent that the sum of the debt exceeds 100% of the country’s GDP, something that is reflected in the series.
  • Historical “Squid Games”: in the past there have also been life and death games where the winner took a large sum of money. One of the clearest examples is the circus gladiators of ancient Rome.
  • All the tests that appear in the series are based on South Korean children’s games, although some of these games like “Red light, green light” are also popular in other countries. The last test is “The Squid Game” and it is the test that gives the series its name.
  • During the recording of the test of Korean sweets, real cookies were cooked in the recording studio, so the smell of sweets was constant, something that made all the filming staff remarkably happy.
  • Netflix has uploaded a short documentary of “Behind the scenes” that you can watch on YouTube when you finish watching the series:

When is the 2nd season of “The Squid Game” coming out?

According to his director, the recording of the series has exhausted him, and he currently has no intention of making any sequels. Therefore, it seems that at least for now there will be a second season of “The Squid Game” .

However, given the overwhelming success that the Netflix series is having, it is eager to make a season 2. According to Bela Bajaria, director of global TV for the streaming platform, the creator would like to have other scriptwriters to start with a new delivery, so from the platform they are “trying to find the right structure for it.”

What there is no doubt is that although it is exhausted, the director has not completely ruled out continuing with the series, although right now he is immersed in the recording of a new movie and other projects, so at least for now it will still be necessary to wait for a little.

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