Instagram Live Tips;5 Tips To Make A Successful Instagram Live

Instagram Live Tips.Instagram Live is a live video format, which allows you to broadcast live.It is an excellent tool that allows you to connect followers with a person or brand, offering the possibility of real interaction through live comments.

The fact of offering live content and from you to you, is equivalent to something like a Skype call, but on a social network. In addition, the format itself makes it easier for you to have more engagement with your audience, and for you or your brand to be closer and more accessible.

5 tips to make a successful Instagram Live./Instagram Live Tips;5 Tips To Make A Successful Instagram Live

1. Define the objective of the live

Like any type of content online, a live video must have a purpose. Therefore, before starting the broadcast, make sure you take your time to think about what it is about, what you want to say (or do) in it and why it makes sense to do a live instead of using another format.

Many people think that when making a video in real time it is not necessary to think much before, but on the contrary, when speaking live with the followers it is essential to keep in mind what you want to say, the tone that will be used and the possible consequences of the comunication.

2. Tell your followers -with time- the date and time of the live

Create a post in which you inform your followers that you will be live and on the topic that you will speak. Make sure to use an image or graphic that contains the day, time, and subject. You can even activate a notification with a countdown for your followers to activate it and notify them shortly before starting the broadcast.

You can post this on different social networks to reach more followers. Instagram stories, Facebook, even LinkedIn. The more channels you use, the bigger your audience will be for the video.

3. Make a pattern of questions or topics to be discussed

Although we know that a live is an informal video, we recommend that you develop a short script before starting to record. It is not necessary that you write exactly what you are going to say and you learn it by heart, but having a set of questions or topics defined will help you to organize yourself and not lose the thread during the transmission. Even if you have time, it’s a good idea to practice beforehand.

4. Be spontaneous

These types of transmissions are not the space to seek perfection. Even with all the care in the world, unforeseen events can still occur.

For the same, relax, be yourself and enjoy! In case something does not turn out the way you wanted, try to go out playing and do not paralyze yourself thinking that the video is ruined. In fact, these situations are what give live performances freshness and make them more entertaining.

5. Generate interaction

One of the great advantages of live videos is that they allow you to relate more closely with your audience, so take the opportunity to generate a dialogue and interact with your followers.

For example,  reserve a space for questions and answers so that they can write their doubts or opinions, greet those who are seeing you by name and encourage them to participate. That way everyone will feel part of the experience.


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