How to make stories on Instagram?

Do you constantly do  stories on Instagram ? But… Not getting the desired results in terms of views? Then you know check out this article!

Although this feature was only introduced by Instagram in 2016, today  Instagram stories  are one of the most used tools by Instagram users, whether they are individuals or companies.

One third of the most viewed Stories are those of companies (March 2017 data)

The Instagram Stories are probably the feature that most of all has changed the fortunes of the company, opening the way to even more videos and making rapidly growing users.

Although making Instagram stories may seem trivial to you and perhaps you would prefer to focus on normal posts, we recommend that you do not take this feature so lightly as it could represent a way to increase the visibility of your company .

How to make stories on Instagram?

Once you have signed up on Instagram, all you have to do is log into your account and select the icon with your profile picture at the top left. At that point, you can take a photo or record a video directly from the app or you can upload a media, selecting it from the gallery of your smartphone.

Would you like to learn more about how to create eye-catching Instagram Stories?

Then read on to make the most of all the features of Instagram Stories .

Stories instagram views: how to increase them

Do you post a lot of stories, but get few views? There are several ways to increase Instagram Stories views .

Below you can discover some of the most effective.

1. Insert in Stories on Instagram Music, Hashtags and GIFs

As you may know, Instagram provides several tools and filters to edit your videos or photos the moment you are creating an Instagram story .

Using these filters, with a little eye, taste and, perhaps, asking the opinion of friends, colleagues or relatives, could be of great help.

In addition to the classic boomerang, superzoom, portrait, rewind, without holding down , you can add several more or less recent tools to your story. Among these we recommend:

Instagram stories with music

This feature certainly makes the viewing of your stories lighter, more interactive and able to capture the attention of your followers.

However, be careful in choosing the music !

However, avoid posting songs that are not consistent with the content of the story or that maybe are simply out of place.
The risk of falling into trash is always around the corner!


Hashtags in stories are very important! In fact, by sharing a hashtag your story will be automatically reposted among the instagram stories of that specific category (the hashtag is simply the hashtag symbol (#) associated with one or more keywords to facilitate thematic searches in a blog or social network) and will thus be viewed by more users, reaching a greater reach than your circle of followers.


With this function you can insert nice animated images to decorate your story and make it as personalized as possible, without having to resort to external apps.

2. Share Instagram Stories: focus on interactivity

Would you like to share stories on Instagram and don’t know what to come up with? No fear!

As anticipated in the previous point, Instagram provides you with tools to make your story on instagram more interactive and, thanks to these, you can take a cue to create new ones when you are left without ideas:

– Create a quiz

With this function your Instagram stories will certainly be more interactive .

In fact, the quiz requires the participation of those who view your stories. Be careful, creating random quizzes could be counterproductive!

We advise you to focus on a topic, inherent to your business if your Instagram page is a business account that can capture everyone’s attention and that is not particularly heavy.

Always think from the perspective of the user who goes to Instagram to relax and spend time. If you ask too difficult questions you risk that few will participate in the quiz and, consequently, your effort will have been completely useless !

Here is a concrete example to help you: if you have a restaurant you could make a story with the following Quiz: “What is the fundamental ingredient of Carbonara?”, Inserting the Guanciale (correct answer!) And Bacon among the options. After all, what more national popular topic than food!

– Do Polls

This tool could be used similarly with the quiz function. The survey allows you to develop stories about curiosities, opinions that will give you visibility and could also be useful for your company to collect information on the preferences of your target.

3. Make your Instagram Stories engaging

In addition to Instagram’s native filters and features, there is an alternative way to create fun and original stories from photos and videos .

How? With apps ! Here are some free ones that we recommend you download on your smartphone, compatible for both iOS and Android.

  • Spark Adobe: allows you to change the text of the captions and their layout. In addition, the app offers the possibility to add animations or stickers to photos. With a monthly subscription (for a fee, about 10 euros per month) you will also be able to access the Adobe photo archive, where you will find copyright-free images that you can publish.
  • Another app is Unfold , it was designed as a photo album to collect and show your shots like a story. But you can also use it to create address books: with Unfold you can create the template of your address book and fill it with the contents that you will change from time to time. This way you will have a unique graphic setting where you can quickly change images and texts .
    Each layout is organized to contain one or more photos / videos and, in some cases, even text. However, you can modify and customize the layout by adding a series of elements (text, stickers) and changing the background.
  • Canva allows you to customize your stories with your brand aesthetic. You will be able to insert texts, GIFs and backgrounds without difficulty with a really good result. This app is also free and also available on pc !
  • InShot takes your existing video and lets you change it to various aspect ratios, and you can easily resize and crop it to fit Instagram Stories’ vertical format – which is a serious challenge at times!


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