21 Instagram Story Tips;discover how to engage, convert and sell

Instagram Story Tips.Instagram Stories is an important social media and marketing tool and can enhance the results of your brand and bring benefits for your company. Learn 21 practical tips to boost your results!

Instagram stories have become the unexpected success of recent years, within a social network that presents overwhelming numbers. To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of this social network, just look at the statistics of daily use of the stories, which exceed 500 million active users per day .

But the most striking thing about these data is that companies have a very important weight in the generation of ephemeral vertical content. Specifically, a third of all the stories that are seen throughout the day are created by businesses.

This means that Instagram stories are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are setting up online stores and who want to make money on Instagram . Or, at least, create a content strategy on that social network by publishing stories that hook your potential audience. Something that in the medium term always translates into more online sales. You are probably wondering how Instagram Stories work.

  We are going to give you a few Instagram Story Tips.

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most important social networks in the world and promises to surpass its competitors in the coming years.

Each new functionality launched (and there are many) place it as the social network of the future, and it is impossible not to be present in it and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

Speaking of news and features, nothing changed the Instagram story as much as the addition of Stories . The resource arrived in 2016 and was responsible for the virtual extinction of Snapchat – after all, does anyone still remember it?

And more: Instagram Stories already accumulates more than 300 million active users , and if its past growth is any indication of the future, it promises to grow even more: in the period from October 2016 to October 2017, the application tripled in size.

There are many people taking advantage of this functionality, but how can you hook those users? How to turn them into business opportunities? or better, how to sell there?We are going to tell you all that and much more with our 21 tips to leverage on Instagram Stories:/Instagram Story Tips

1. Never forget the CTA

If you have come here to understand how to convert who sees your Stories into visitors to your blog, this is the first step.

Always use call to actions ! It doesn’t matter if your account is already eligible to link to stories or not. You need to leave a clear direction for your followers: guide them to the best path.

If your post is from a blogpost that you have made and it is linked in the Stories itself, in the final border write, for example: “Swipe up and access our blogpost”. This call is essential to encourage the user to take the next step in your funnel.

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2. Do lives

Your strategy still does not include live videos? So you probably don’t know that they are one of the top trends for this year.

They are a great opportunity to show the backstage of your company and also to humanize your brand. Think of them as a way to make your content even more organic, as there are no edits there.

In addition, Instagram lives are even more advantageous, as they appear highlighted in your followers’ accounts and they still receive notification when you are live.

3. Take advantage of the editing features

Recently, Instagram has been investing a lot in making its users do everything within the application, and several functionalities allow the editing of videos and images.

Alignment, differentiated fonts, margins and much more. All of this is possible to edit even before posting to Stories.

Use that to your advantage. In addition to enriching your post, it is an opportunity to diversify your content and enchant your followers.

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4. Show behind the scenes

You must have already become curious to know a little about the day-to-day life of that company that you admire, or even know about the news before they happen. Your followers feel that way too!

Stories can give small hints of what is to come in your company, or show what your headquarters is like. Let your creativity flow and always seek to pass the impression to your visitor that he is inside everything.

5. Invest in Employer Branding

Investing in Employer Branding goes far beyond your Instagram strategy . It is something that must be well thought out and planned by your HR and Marketing team.

However, investing in it can bring great results and your Stories plays an essential role in that.

As we have already said, showing the racks of your company is an excellent possibility. Showing how your culture is exercised and how your employees are happy in your company can transform the way the public sees your brand.

Invest in posts of the routine of those who work in your company and show a little about them and what motivates them.

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6. Use surveys

Surely you already know this functionality and it is very likely that you have already seen several users and companies using it. Surveys can be very helpful!

One of the ways you can use is by empowering your users: let them sit in command. Ask them to choose between two blog post options or which product should be the next to enter your store promotion.

Also take the opportunity to get to know your audience better. Ask what topics they like to read, what is their preferred social network and other things in that regard.

7. Make spontaneous videos

Has a super relevant news emerged and you can’t lose your timing ? Make a video the way you get.

Stories has the naturalness of the contents as a characteristic, and stopping publishing something just because it is not perfect can make you lose several opportunities. So, prepare yourself in any way you can, but don’t stop doing it, okay?

8. Keep users in your Stories

A video in Stories lasts only 15 seconds, that is, you have a very limited time to catch the attention of your reader. But what if I told you that it is possible to leave your user more than that time?

It is not a hack in the Instagram software, just a creative way to transmit more content to your user.

Create content that makes the reader pause the screen when viewing, yes, that is possible. Take advantage of the pause function by creating calls that encourage their use.

Now it was easier to transmit more extensive content in a small Stories, right? But do not abuse: always opt for usability and pass your message at the right time (remember that video Stories last up to 15 seconds and image ones 5 seconds).

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9. Show your products

Stories can function as a virtual showcase for your company and, with its recent developments, Instagram is getting closer and closer to becoming an e-commerce.

Abuse creativity and expose your products. With the image format larger than the Instagram feed, you have even more space to display them.

Another possibility is to give a context for your products. You can tell stories in which it is inserted, using all the premises of storytelling .

10. Invest in strategic partnerships

It’s not just brands that influence consumer behavior. We know very well the role of digital influencers in this process, and taking advantage of that is essential.

Stories is a common place where these people expose their lives and share their tastes with their followers.

We know the scope that influencers have with Stories. Can you imagine if your product was casually shown in the routine videos of these personalities? It would be a huge visibility that you could explore with your brand.

11. Advertise on Instagram Stories

Yes, it is possible to make announcements in Stories. You’ve probably already seen some sponsored videos on your profile.

But are they really advantageous? Yes!

Not only do they bring a giant visibility for your brand, they also optimize your conversion possibilities.

Before advertising in Stories, you should think about your goals with that investment. If your goal is to reach many people, invest without fear.

12. Use geolocation tags

A quick thing to do that can optimize your profile and increase engagement is adding geotags.

Whenever you are somewhere, mainly in your company, use the location tags available on Instagram.

They will be excellent to familiarize your user with the places that your brand sympathizes and to strengthen the feeling of community with the place where your company is based.

And of course, it is easier for anyone to find your company and any content shared about it that has also been located at your headquarters.

13. Respond to all your mentions

It may seem like too much, or it won’t bring you results. However, responding to mentions and direct messages from your account can make a huge difference to your engagement .

This happens due to the algorithm of Instagram , which prioritizes the accounts with which users are most involved. That is, respond to any mention in the Stories of your brand to appear more and more for your followers.

14. Organize your schedule

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It is important to know how to use all the Stories functionalities in favor of your company, but it is also very important to have an organized strategy.

Even with a spontaneous nature, this platform should be taken as seriously as the other social networks. You need to know exactly the posts for each day of the week and understand the best shipping times.

Prepare a calendar for your posts and optimize your schedule whenever necessary, always remembering your personal habits.

15. Use the Highlights

Another new feature of Instagram, the Highlights serves to help you in one of the biggest limitations of Stories: they only remain in the air for 24 hours.

However, with the Highlights you can highlight any of your old Stories. Why is it important to your company? Because it is a great opportunity to further expose key content of your strategy and guarantee visibility for any content that you consider relevant.

16. Join other influential brands

Instagram itself is full of references and opportunities to boost your Stories.

When accompanying other brands you must be attentive to how they display their products and how they position themselves. Understanding how the market uses this functionality will bring you good ideas on how to guide your strategy.

It is important to also accompany the influencers, since at any time an opportunity may arise there. Imagine if a major producer in your market spontaneously comments on your brand or product? It is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your ties with him and get in touch.

17. Use the platform’s video effects

If you use Stories often you have already seen the video possibilities available on the social network. But do not think that they are only used to play between users: they can bring a differential to your strategy.

Choose the best moments and see when a funny effect can elevate your Stories to another level, or when a dramatic effect will create the feeling you want to launch a new product, for example.

18. Take your follower somewhere

Instagram wants you and your followers to stay on the platform for as long as possible, but you may want the exact opposite.

As a powerful acquisition channel, you should not miss the opportunities that the platform offers to get traffic and even facilitate your sales . So, always use the ways that Stories provides to lead your user to your site or blog.

If it is already possible to put Stories links in your account, always look for opportunities to do so. But if that is not your reality, do not worry: you can very well make a Stories that takes the user to your biography that, in turn, directs the user to your site, blog or YouTube channel, for example.

19. Run giveaways

Stories is a quick and easy opportunity to promote engagement between your followers and your brand. And what could be better to increase your visibility than to have your consumers parading around with products of your brand?

Promote fun contests that are consistent with you. Think of strategies that will make them want to participate and share your brand.

20. Create business opportunities

As ephemeral and relaxed as Stories may be, it also works as an opportunity machine for your company and you should take advantage of it. How?

  1. Show your clients’ success stories and try to convert your visitors into an opportunity with them.
  2. Exhibit your product and always link to the page of your virtual store, if that is the case.
  3. Encourage your users to contact your sellers and create an easy path for that to happen.

21. Analyze your results

After doing all of this, you need to understand what is working (or not). Analyzing your results is essential!Instagram Insights is going to be your best friend at that moment. Analyze the visits of your Stories, the rejection rate that you have been having and mainly how many people are clicking on the links that you make available.Create hypotheses and check them with the data you have. Where do I get the most conversions? With videos or images? What hours do I have the most engagement? Analyze everything and make changes whenever necessary.

Are you ready to master this incredible functionality of Instagram? What tips did you already use? What are you going to put into practice right now in your strategy? Tell us everything here in the comments.

We know that Stories is only a small part of doing Instagram marketing. For an even more effective strategy, we recommend that you download our free ebook on the subject.

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