What is Snapshot:Serves As Record In The World of Internet

What is Snapshot:

Snapshot is an expression in English that means “snapshot” or “snapshot” and has several meanings within the contemporary world of computing, such as storing the condition of a database, serving as a record of it for possible corrections , if made some mistaken change in the future.

With this tool, only the state of the database is saved at the time the snapshot was made. Example : at 12h a database snapshot was done, and at 12:15 a change was made to the database, which should not be done. With the snapshot, the user can restore the state of the database exactly as it was at 12 o’clock.

When someone does a screenshot of the computer screen, it can be said that it is also doing a snapshot  .

Minecraft Snapshot

The snapshots in Minecraft  (online game famous for presenting a vast virtual world made up of characters, objects and scenarios built with LEGO bricks) are previews future updates of the game. Snapshots in the game are usually presented by fans of the franchise and not by the company officially responsible for developing the game.

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