How to watch Amazon Prime Video content on Xbox One and 360

Many people, mostly young people, use game consoles on a daily basis. Those are computers that you can use to play online with your friends or other people. It has been a form of entertainment for many years and is currently being used more.

One of the most used consoles is the Xbox. This is one of the most obtained in the world market, so it is common to see them. With these consoles you can do more than play video games, you can watch movies and series on them . Therefore, we are going to show you how you are going to be able to do this from your Xbox in a few steps.

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  1. How can I watch Amazon Prime Video content on Xbox?
    1. View on Xbox One
    2. From an Xbox 360
  2. Why is Amazon Prime Video not working on Xbox and how to fix it?

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video content on Xbox?

One of the innovations of recent years is undoubtedly streaming platforms. Through these platforms we can entertain ourselves in the best way watching movies and series that we like and that are released only by these platforms.

One of the newest is the Amazon Prime Video platform. In this many films are released that are very striking and that we will undoubtedly like. In addition, you will be able to watch the movies that are there from any device such as phones, tablets, computers and game consoles.

You can use these streaming platforms from Xbox game consoles. Here we are going to show you how you are going to achieve this and how to configure your Xbox so that you can see any content that is on Amazon Prime.

View on Xbox One

One of the most popular game consoles in the world is the Xbox. For these consoles, there are a large number of games that you will be able to enjoy at home with your friends. But this is not the only function that this console has, with it you can watch movies online from Amazon Prime.

Before you begin following the steps below, you must first have a valid Prime Video account and be signed in on your Xbox console . And so you will be able to start the process of watching your first movie from your console.

  1. You are going to turn on your Xbox One, when you see the home screen, you will have to enter the ‘Store’ section using the Xbox controller
  2. When you are in the store, you will have to open the ‘Applications’ section and then you will open the ‘Search’ option that is on the right side and you will search for ‘ Amazon Prime Video’
  3. After finding this application, you must make sure to press the ‘Get’ option so that it can be downloaded and installed on your computer
  4. When the installation of the application is complete, you will have to launch it through the Xbox that has the control in the middle
  5. On this new screen, you will have to select the ‘Login’ option. Then, a code will appear on the screen that you will need later, so it is better that you write it down
  6. Finally, what you will have to do is enter your Prime Video account by entering your data. After entering, you will be required the code that appeared on the screen previously

From an Xbox 360

Another of the most used consoles is the Xbox 360. In this you will also be able to enjoy watching your movies and series from Prime Video. To do so, you must do this:

  1. You will turn on your Xbox 360 console and enter the ‘Applications’ section. Then, you will open the search engine and proceed to search for ‘Amazon Instant Video’
  2. When the search is complete, you have to open it and then click on the ‘Get’ option. This will download the app and then you must confirm the installation by clicking on ‘Accept’
  3. After installing it, you will start the application that you installed and you will see a code on the screen, referring to the verification in two steps , which you have to write down
  4. Now you will log in to your ‘Amazon Prime Video’ account and then you will enter the code that appeared on the screen and that you wrote down elsewhere
  5. To finish, you have to choose the profile of the account that you are going to use with your Xbox and you will add your Xbox to your Amazon Prime Video account

Why is Amazon Prime Video not working on Xbox and how to fix it?

There is not exactly a reference to the failures that Amazon Prime Video suffers on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, but we can tell you that there is a way to solve it. For that, you will have to do each of the things that we will mention and see if the application still does not work for you:

  1. Check that the internet connection is stable and that your Xbox is connected to your home WiFi network
  2. You should restart your home router to make sure this is not the problem
  3. You will activate the Cortana function on the Xbox
  4. You will check the status of your Xbox server
  5. Sign out of Amazon Prime Video and sign back in on your Xbox

Here are the ways to troubleshoot your Xbox not wanting to play any Amazon Prime Video content.

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