Variable data printing: see how to use it in your strategy

At a time when personalization has been a highly valued factor for consumers, it is essential to have a feature like variable data printing. It not only enables, but also facilitates the process of creating personalized printed materials .

But what exactly does printing with varying data consist of? The method uses a database with variable information to be printed, in addition to a standard document template where data from the database will be inserted. For example, on a base with 200 different names, each impression of the model will have one of the base names.

Do you want to know more about the technology that allows printing with variable data? So, see in the topics below what this feature is capable of doing. Check out!

Discover this trend in editorial marketing

Printed communication has always been synonymous with standardization, with little or no possibility of creating something personalized for each customer. Any and all promotional material, for reasons of cost, was mass produced.

When creating, for example, a printed letter of welcome to the customer, it was necessary to modify the print file with each new copy to put the name of each buyer. The same was true for the business cards of a company with many employees.

Currently, the demand for customization requires the possibility of printing at scale, but with customizable details in each copy. Variable data printing makes it possible to meet this need in order to meet your audience segmentation .

It works like this: a base model is created with the same images, texts and diagramming, but with some “blank” fields to be filled with the data of a base, which can be the most varied. For example:

  • name;
  • date;
  • contact information;
  • among others, according to the purpose of the material.

Discover types of printing with variable data

There are several ways to take advantage of variable data printing to enhance your brand marketing. Knowing them is essential for you to be more clear about the objectives of your material, which will considerably increase the chances of good results.

From the promotion of your product or service until after-sales, it is possible to be present in the life of your consumer in a personalized way as in digital media. However, with the advantage of being with materials that your customer can take, which makes your brand much more real.

The feature allows creativity to create materials to be fully exploited. In the following topics, see what the main types of printing with variable data are and learn how to get the best out of them.


The promotional actions that involve printing with varying data aim to increase the results of marketing strategies, using the personalization of materials as a means of getting closer to the customer and establishing a relationship with him.

They are used for the promotion of products and services and, even, to increase the recognition of the brand itself.


Transactional materials are those that have a practical and operational purpose in a business. For example:

  • issuing contracts;
  • slips and other documents with bar codes;
  • personalized credentials for events;
  • certificates;
  • badges or identification credentials.

This type of material serves not only to speed up the closing of a deal, but also to nurture the relationship with the customer, especially in the after-sales.


Transpromotional material is a union of the two types mentioned above. It merges promotional information with transactional documents, thereby reaching an audience that is more likely to take advantage of the promotion.

A good example of this is the discount coupons for new purchases, sent along with invoices for payment.

Understand the importance of using appropriate equipment

The demand for this type of material is uninterrupted for most businesses, especially when we think about transactional impressions. For this reason, having a supplier that has adequate equipment for printing with varied data is synonymous with lower cost per printed document.

The “leap of the cat” in printing with variable data is not just in the printer. It is also necessary to have a platform for the management of this data, which can even come from various sources. Therefore, the more complete the system, the better the equipment’s resources will be used.

See how technology has optimized this process

When printing with variable data, it is possible to modify from simple text to an image within the same run, providing much more flexibility at a low cost. The more well planned your printing project , the greater the level of customization possible.

For this, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is possible to change much more than just the client’s name in an art and, thus, expand his universe of possibilities to be explored. Some very simple examples of what can be modified are:

  • photograph of the client, employee or participant in an event;
  • purchased products;
  • customer and company contact information;
  • signature on the material.

But in order for all of this to work as expected, some precautions must be taken, such as the constant updating of its database, alignment with the client’s expectations, the amount of variable information that can make the text too artificial, the review of both art as the data present in the database.

Variable data printing is much more useful than you might think and can be applied to different types of materials. It is an indisputably useful resource for marketing strategies, which can even be added to digital businesses, such as the printing of thank you cards to your e-commerce customers , for example.

There are companies that already specialize in the subject and have their own equipment and systems for printing with variable data, in addition to trained professionals to help you make the most of this resource and get more results with your brand marketing.

Now that you know what printing with variable data is, take advantage of it and find out what print proof is . Good reading!

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