Recycled paper: know when to use and add value to your creations

The influence of recycled paper on your company’s reputation

The adoption of sustainable attitudes has never been more indispensable than it is today and one of the most important is the preservation of forests, which has a lot to do with the manufacture of all the paper used worldwide, daily. And what would be ideal for reducing tree consumption? The use of recycled paper in everything possible.

For this to be feasible, after disposal, the collected paper is subjected to a quality control, then crushed and mixed with water in order to separate its fibers. The resulting material is then centrifuged to separate the impurities and prepared using a process similar to that of virgin cellulose pulp.

The importance of using recycled paper is undeniable and essential in today’s world, in addition to contributing to a positive image of companies. Next, we’ll talk about some benefits of adopting this practice and how it can add value to creations.

Print quality is maintained

During the recycling process, technological advances already allow the recycled paper to be perfectly white, in addition to guaranteeing the same printing performance obtained in virgin fiber paper. They are available from a natural shade to a brilliant white.

Another advantage is the possibility of exploring the rustic effect of some types of these papers, which gives even more personality and differential for the final result of the graphic work.

Costs decrease

To manufacture virgin paper, the industry spends a lot of water, energy, toxic chemicals in the bleaching process, in addition to putting the health of those who deal with all of this at risk.

Therefore, the decrease in costs is a direct consequence of the decision to recycle. A large part of recycled paper is produced with 30% of material coming from printing and 70% of shredded paper remains, and that alone reduces production costs considerably .

The environmental impact is reduced

The environmental impact generated by the virgin paper industry is obvious, since any expense added to what is taken from nature is unlikely to be replaced. Thus, the function of recycling is noble and necessary, since it preserves the forests and also helps to completely consume the material that has already been manufactured until all possibilities of use are exhausted.

When compared to virgin paper , the use of recycled paper reduces the environmental impact by using less water, less energy, reducing carbon emissions and the amount of waste deposited in landfills and dumps. In addition, it can be recycled several times until it is completely depleted.

Brazil already recycles much of the paper produced, but it still has the potential to do more. This is possible through awareness campaigns and effective programs to encourage selective collection in companies and homes in the country.

The brand is more valued in marketing campaigns

Nowadays, in practically all market niches it is essential to add more value to products and services in order to achieve a differential in relation to the competition. This is even more relevant in segments whose target audience seeks brands engaged in good environmental practices and, therefore, are not necessarily concerned with more advantageous prices.

Therefore, companies that identify with this type of attitude in the market add value to their final product and to the company’s routine in different ways.

Generally, this has to do with actions with less environmental impact, for example: using recycled material in the printed materials and in the brand’s business presentation kit . Even when it comes to gifting customers and employees, it is interesting to produce souvenirs with recycled paper.

Today, more and more companies are genuinely concerned with sustainability by adopting recycled paper in their routine and, with this attitude, end up valuing the image and positioning of the brand. Many printers bet on this idea and work with this type of material to produce their printed material.

And you, are you already in the habit of using recycled paper in your ordinary printouts? If you want to know more about the printing processes on recycled material, contact us . We will be delighted to serve you!

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