How to make a grid sheet in Word for printing

You will find yourself in this dilemma every time you want to do a project that needs a grid sheet when using the Word Office text editor . Since it always presents us with a flat background and we must then resort to using the Excel program. But you can do this in Word and not have to use another program, continue with us and we will teach you how to make a grid sheet in Word to print.

How to Make a CHECKED SHEET in Word to Print in Few Minutes

As the statement says, in a few minutes you will be able to make your gridded sheet because the truth is that this trick is extremely simple, it does not require you to invest a lot of time to apply it and without the need to download a template .

You just have to follow the instructions that we are going to teach you here to the letter, so that you get more knowledge about this fabulous text editor. That way you will learn how to make a grid sheet in Word to print .

The Word program by default includes a grid that we can find if we go to the tab called ‘View’ and select ‘Grid lines’. But if you carry out this action, you can realize that on the right side of the sheet the grids are cut off and there is no way or way to change the dimensions and prevent it from being seen that way.

To avoid this limitation that Word offers us , we are going to show you a trick so that you can present a perfect squared sheet . We can make the changes we want, customize the sheet with the number of pictures we need and we can also print it.

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  1. Make a grid sheet in Word
    1. Columns and rows
    2. Color and border
  2. Design and customization of the grid sheet
  3. How to print a squared sheet?
  4. How to put a grid to a picture in Word?

Make a grid sheet in Word

To begin, we start the Word program to make a squared sheet and select a blank document, then we must decide what the dimensions will be.

For this, we first go to the ‘View’ tab and check that the ‘Rule’ option is active or selected . In order to appreciate the dimensions of the page.

We must also configure the design of the page, we do this by clicking on ‘Page Design’ and configure the margins. These we can put them to the size that we want . For our example we will put all the margins, both left and right, and above and below 2 cm and then we click on ‘OK’.

Having done this, we can now go to the ‘Insert’ tab , then to ‘Table’ and click on ‘Insert table …’, where we can customize it . A box appears and we place the following values, these will be an example, since you can place the dimensions that best suit your project.

Columns and rows

Once we click on ‘Insert table …’ a pop-up window will appear where we will have to place the number of columns and the number of rows of our table or grid . In this step is where you will have to be aware of the extent of the grid that you want.

Color and border

You can then edit the color and borders of the grid you just created by being able to change the color and thickness of the border lines. We do this by clicking on the cross symbol with arrowheads, which will select the entire grid and then right-clicking to select ‘Borders and shading …’.

There you can change the color of the lines as well as their thickness. There you can also change the line style you want the grid to have.

Another way to make more specific settings, such as specific size of columns and rows, as well as border and alignment with the text, is through ‘Table properties …’ . You will find this option by right clicking on the grid, in the pop-up menu.

Design and customization of the grid sheet

We should mention that the standard grid sheets that people buy normally come with a width of 0.5cm. We have to take this into account to be able to place the correct dimensions. For example, if our ruler shows 17.5 cm, our sheet can contain 35 squares from right to left and it can be even.

To continue with the example we are dealing with, we will place in ‘Number of column’ the amount of 35, in ‘Number of rows’ we will put 40. This will depend on the size of the sheet and can be changed if the dimensions of the sheets are exceeded, when same as when printing. Then we put the value of 0.5 in ‘Fixed column width’ so that this value is always maintained throughout the grid of the sheet and we click ‘OK’.

As you will see, you have your grid sheet ready. It only remains to check the dimensions so that no squares appear on another sheet. If so, you just have to shade it and use keyboard shortcuts , like ‘Ctrl + X’. If you notice, the grid shows a very pronounced color. To change it we select the sheet, then click on ‘Design’, then on ‘Border style’ or ‘Borders’.

For our example, we enter ‘Borders’ and click ‘Borders and shading’, a new window will appear and we select a color. We try to find the one that is similar to the one we find in the standard grid sheets , now we click on accept. We see that now our sheet looks much more like a standard grid sheet.

How to print a squared sheet?

After you have created, edited and adjusted it to the size you need, you will simply have to print it as it is done in the normal way. You do this by selecting ‘Print’ from the Office Button menu . It should be noted that the squared sheet will come out exactly as it is seen in the edition, that is why you must be sure that it has the necessary dimensions.

How to put a grid to a picture in Word?

This process is very simple. You will simply have to select the image to place on the grid and you will go to the ‘Format’ tab where you will have to click on ‘Align’. Next you will select ‘Grid Settings …’ and there you will have to edit the ‘Grid Settings’ section adjusting the horizontal and vertical spacing.

That way you can quickly place a grid on an image in Word , which is very useful in many cases.

You see how easy it is to make a gridded sheet in Word to print, in a few simple steps you have learned how to do it. And remember that when printing make sure that the margins are adequate that they are adjusted to the size of the sheet so that it comes out as you expect.

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