What do I do if the PC fan speeds up in Windows 10?

If you’ve ever wondered why is the fan on my Windows 10 PC or laptop running too fast? And you also want to know what you can do to solve this or reduce the noise, because here we will explain about this issue and what steps you can follow to reduce this annoying noise as much as possible.

The fans in computers and laptops are the most essential part for the proper functioning of the components. Because these are tasked with keeping everything at an optimal temperature.

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  1. Why is my PC or laptop fan running too fast?
  2. How to fix this problem on PC?
  3. How to fix this problem on Laptop?
  4. What are the most common problems with computer fans?
    1. The fan is positioned incorrectly
    2. Is clogged
    3. Thermal paste is dry
  5. What are the two main causes that cause a fan to make noise?
    1. Bearing system
    2. The high temperature
  6. How can I use software to decrease fan noise on my computer
  7. Learn how to use hardware to eliminate fan sound on my device

Why is my PC or laptop fan running too fast?

The reasons why a fan can be accelerated a lot in both PC and Laptop, are very varied, but almost always it is because there is a temperature problem , which causes the same computer to send a signal that it should be accelerated to remove the warm air from inside. This is done to avoid damage to physical components, not to be confused with software.

If the noise is coming from deep inside the cabinet, it may be because the fan for the central unit or CPU is having trouble cooling it , this may be due to the expiration of the thermal paste, so it may be a warning that we need change it.

In laptops, there is usually only one fan , which is responsible for cooling the processor and the integrated video, so in these it is a little easier to detect why the fan is accelerating a lot. Because these entrances are generally small, there is not much air flow, and combining this with working in small spaces or on fabrics could seriously disrupt our equipment.

Another slightly less common reason , which can occur in both computers and laptops, is that one of the fans has suffered an obstruction and an internal part of it has been damaged, so it directly begins to make a very loud noise, giving the impression of acceleration, but that is actually broken.

How to fix this problem on PC?

In desktop computers we have a lot of freedom as to what we can do to improve the noise made by a fan , on the one hand, we must open the cabinet and turn on the PC, with this we will locate which is the one that is presenting problems. When we have identified the fan, what we can do is perform a superficial cleaning, for this there are products such as compressed air, which will make this job very easy.

You must be careful to disconnect the fan before cleaning it, to avoid problems with the other components, or if you want you can also remove it to clean it in a more comfortable place.

And as a last resort you can think about installing a new fan , in order to get rid of that problem quickly, and with this you should not have more problems with annoying noises on your computer.

How to fix this problem on Laptop?

In the case of laptops, these problems are not so easy to solve just by changing the fan, because each laptop has its own fan, adapted to its design. 

In the first instance, what you should try is to clean it from the outside , without uncovering anything, this can be done with a can of compressed air, some bring a tool to reach complicated places, with this a large amount of dirt should come out.

If everything is clean and you see that it continues to accelerate a lot, you may have an outdated version of the BIOS, and you need to update it. Although this is something that almost never happens, it may be the case that this is the case, and this because the BIOS is in charge of recognizing everything that your computer has, just as it is the one that gives the instructions.

Another option to take into account is the place where you normally use your laptop , try to make it a ventilated place, and that the air outlet is not obstructed by anything else, you should also avoid using it on beds or furniture, since these fabrics can cause temperature rises.

What are the most common problems with computer fans?

The fans of our computers are a very important component of the hardware, since a malfunction of the same can cause critical failures . For example, the system can be restarted once it has booted or it simply does not start. Therefore it is necessary that the fan does not present problems.

Among the most common faults that the ventilator can show is that it does not start or does it very slowly. If the blades do not move, it may be due to an obstruction or simply the fan has burned out. Another very common fault is producing a loud noise when it is put in motion and this can be due to different causes.

The fan is positioned incorrectly

Many people trying to build their own computers make a serious mistake by placing the fan incorrectly . And in most cases they place the fan upside down, thus causing the processor to raise its temperature, something very dangerous. Therefore, by changing the orientation of the fan, you will be able to guarantee that it does its job.

Is clogged

When a fan does not move its blades unless it is burned, it may be due to an obstruction which is a very easy problem to solve. In these cases, you must find out what is the cause that prevents the blades from moving . In some cases it can be a cable, but other times it can be an insect or some foreign agent that entered from the outside.

Thermal paste is dry

That the thermal paste dries is usually one of the most recurrent problems that we can find. Although this affects the processor to a greater extent, since the temperature becomes higher than when the thermal paste is under normal conditions. Therefore, it is necessary for the thermal paste to be replaced for the fan to work properly .

What are the two main causes that cause a fan to make noise?

It is important that you understand that the PC fan makes a lot of noise, in cases when the heat inside is very high . Therefore, when this happens, the fans begin to work to expel excess heat from the interior of the CPU. But the conditions where the computer is located can also be a risk factor for the fans.

As there is a lot of dust, it can clog the blades causing a loud sound while it is in operation. This can be the main cause that not only causes noise , but also that the fan does not work efficiently. But there is another cause and it is the bearing system of the same.

Bearing system

A malfunction of the bearing system can cause the blade not to rotate in a centered way. This situation will cause the blade to rub against the protective frame producing a very annoying noise, but it can also damage the fan . We must also remember that these devices have a useful life and in these cases it is necessary to replace the fan.

The high temperature

As we mentioned earlier, when there is excessive noise from the fan, it is because it is working more than normal. And this is then due to a problem that has to do with a high temperature inside the PC . And this situation can lead to various problems with PC performance if the fan cannot lower the temperature.

How can I use software to decrease fan noise on my computer

It is likely that even after cleaning the fans, they will continue to generate annoying noises. But something that many people do not know is that it is possible through software to reduce noise .

Since some PCs have heating problems when running video games or other modern applications and this places a great demand on the fans. Although there are also computer viruses that cause CPU failures or saturate its resources.

Therefore use programs that help to optimize the resources of the PC such as ‘AVG TunerUp’. It is an excellent option which will identify and in some cases disable those programs or applications that are not useful and thus obtain optimal hardware performance.

Learn how to use hardware to eliminate fan sound on my device

Through the device manager it is possible to know the programs that are consuming resources and that are overheating the CPU . In this way, excessive noise generated by the fans can be avoided. So to use this tool go to the taskbar and right click and in the context menu you will select ‘Task Manager’.

In the next window you must select between the different ‘CPU’ tabs and here you will be shown the percentage of resources consumed by each program . It is possible that a program is consuming more resources due to a problem in its station. It is therefore recommended to update the program or reinstall it again and see if the fan noise has decreased.

Another option with which you can choose is to update the drivers, in this case you must choose the one for the graphics card fan. Once this step is done, you should check if the noise has actually disappeared or has dropped substantially.


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