What is a Smart Grid?

Nowadays we hear the term smart grid more and more. This has everything to do with renewable energy. Let’s explain exactly what a smart grid actually is: it is an energy grid to which a ‘smart’ measurement and control system has been added. In this way, the supply of various energy sources is matched to the demand.

There are a number of innovative companies that have come up with energy storage systems. These companies play an important role in our electricity grid. For example, if there is a home or business with an energy surplus, this surplus can be channeled to other homes or businesses.

Since energy storage is still quite complicated today, energy can be optimally distributed over different places by means of a smart control and measurement system – smart grid.

Own high and medium voltage grid

You can request perfect advice for your home or business about the most efficient design of an electricity network. Companies from all sectors can be helped; whether it concerns industry, network operators or perhaps horticulture.

Micro grids can be installed at home, but also huge solar parks for companies. Your company can therefore also be helped with energy storage and grid automation. The delivery of the panels, installation, management and maintenance can be arranged for you or for your company.

More and more sustainable PV panels are being installed on both the roofs of homes and businesses. These panels can significantly reduce energy costs. After storage, the generated power can be bought back at a favorable rate.

EV charging points

There are a number of companies – including, for example, Alfen since 2008 – that produce high-tech charging points for electric vehicles. Their EV charging stations are Eichrecht compliant and comply with the latest German law on weights and measurements. For the French market, these charging points are optionally equipped with home plugs.

The charging points are intended for use at home, at work and in public areas. They are available in various charging capacities and have often already been tested by several renowned EV manufacturers.

You can sometimes even follow a training to get to know all the applications of a charge point. You will learn how to install a charging station and all your questions about ‘Smart Charging’ solutions will be answered.

With regard to the maintenance, support and management of the charge points: this can usually be done remotely.

Wherever you want the charging point; at home, in a garage, or next to your office building, there is always a solution to be found. Good charging points are always up-to-date and equipped with the most recent developments in smart charging and connectivity.


Are you interested in sustainable energy and would you like to save on your energy costs, at home or at work? Then take a look at Alfen ‘s smart grid solutions . Because the more sustainable we are, the better we all become.

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