How to change custom or predefined sheet margins in Word?

Microsoft Word has become the tool of many to create jobs , the practical way in its use, makes many call it the best program to write high-level jobs. Within its options there are various ways to modify the appearance of the sheet to make it look more presentable and for this we have the option of margins.

The function of being able to modify the margins in the Word sheet, gives us the option to write and a little closer to the edge of the sheet or in a more centered way on the sheet so that it looks more presentable when doing writing work. drafting. In this article we will be teaching you how to modify the margins of the Word page.

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  1. How to create a custom margin in Word?
    1. Margin Design
  2. What to do to change a margin that is predefined in Word?
    1. narrow margin
    2. moderate style
    3. ‘Width’ mode
  3. How to make all the sheets you use in Word have the same selected margin?

How to create a custom margin in Word?

When we are working on the Word sheet, we sometimes need to control the space between the border and the text. For this there is the option to modify the margins , to change that space to increase or decrease it.

Entering the ‘ Page Layout’ option that is at the top, we will see and select the Margins configuration and there in ‘Custom Margins’ we can adjust the amount of white space that there is in the page.

Margin Design

When we go into the ‘Page Layout’ option, we check and then Custom Margins to change the margin settings our way. We can adjust the margins at the top, bottom, and left and right so the page orientation is portrait or landscape . With this we can create a cover or cover in Word of a high level and with a professional presentation.

What to do to change a margin that is predefined in Word?

When we are using Word and we use the margins, we can see that there are already a series of predesigned margins for us, that we only have to select and these will be applied to the Word sheet. But these default margins can be modified

narrow margin

The first option presented to us when we enter the margin option is the Narrow Margin option. This margin, when applied, causes the Word sheet to widen and the white space is reduced to a point where the letters or image that is on the sheet is close to the edge, but does not stick to it. This is recommended more for making flowcharts in Word.

We can also modify this in case we want it to be closer to the edge or a little more raised. First you will have to enter Page Design and then Margins and select the Narrow Margin option, After this in custom margins to customize the page with the settings that are presented there

moderate style

The second option that Microsoft Word presents us with in its margin settings is the moderate style margin. This has a very peculiar characteristic because it may resemble the anterior margin, but no, this type of margin is closer to the left and right border, that is, the space is more cut.

While the top and bottom margins are further away from the border , this margin mode is used more for crossword puzzles within Word

‘Width’ mode

As the last margin mode that we are presented with, but not the least important, is the wide margin mode. We should not confuse it with the first mode that we present to you , since this, when selected, centralizes everything on the sheet, making the space between the text and the edge of the sheet even larger than it already is.

How to make all the sheets you use in Word have the same selected margin?

If doing writing work you apply one of the margin options and it only applies to a single Word sheet, we must modify its settings. You will have to enter Page Design and then in the custom margins options, the margin settings window will open

Within this window there will be the various margin options , in the lower part and in the lower left corner there will be a setting to modify how many pages we want to apply the margins to, this is where we will select apply to all pages so that the margins make their appearance in all the Word sheets, you will only have to click accept for this to be fulfilled.


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