How to Make a Custom Round Stamp in Word

A personal computer can become a great friend when doing all kinds of work, because it helps us to be more organized, productive and detailed with our work. This gives us the opportunity to do a wide range of work that we did not think possible before, or at least to do work with a quality much higher than that made by hand.

This is due to all the tools that we have at our disposal that allow us to do much of the work in a simpler, more detailed, more complex and complete way. So, as you have noticed, through a computer you can have a highly professional finish with the work, although much of it may depend on how professional you want it to be.

With the latter, we refer to the effort and care that a job can be put into it, that is, it is not the same to write a document by copying and pasting the information without editing and synthesis; to a job in which we analyze, write and care about the aesthetic finish of the entire document, which can make a big difference.

If we talk about the use of the office suite , such as Microsoft Office, this is something very visible in how the documents we make are, especially in Word if we want to give it a professional finish and that each document we make looks like it was made in a government building . The idea is that you can be serious, have good grammar, and have attention to detail.

And, if we talk about attention to detail, we also talk about a header, a footer , an index, the correct font, the good use of images and graphics, good grammar and other details that make the document feel official and genuine. , just like a stamp does.

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  1. Make a stamp design
    1. Logo
    2. Company name – Name
  2. How to make a stamp in round Word
    1. Design
    2. Picture
    3. WordArt
    4. Fit and group
  3. What is a stamp for in Word?

Make a stamp design

Any legal or sole proprietorship must be well represented at all times. Therefore, when writing a document or any other type of letter to make a formal request for something; It is very useful to have a digital stamp that you can easily make from Word and implement in the number of documents you want.


First you must start with having the design of a logo; this is the main base to be able to create the seal. You can even capture the same logo that the company uses or make a similar one with the tools offered by Microsoft Word; You can also try to do it first by hand and then digitally.

However, it is also possible that you look for a designer or hire him to make a well-structured logo that is related to the purposes of the organization and its name.

Company name – Name

Another outstanding aspect is that you must provide the inside or outside of the seal with the name that identifies the company as such; you can also add the tax registration number of the same; But do not forget to provide the company name, since this will identify you and the people who receive these documents with the seal will know who they belong to.

How to make a stamp in round Word

If you need a stamp, and that the stamp is the official of the company in which you work or is one of your personal business, the best thing you can do is make a scan of a sheet that has the stamp, then take the scanned image, cut out the stamp and save it as an image that can be inserted whenever needed.

If this is not possible for you, you can create one, which may not look like an original one, but it is enough to give more authenticity to the general design of your document, which you can do by going into the Word file where you want to add a seal.


Now, in the place where you want the stamp, you can click on the ‘Insert’ menu and using the ‘shapes’ tool you can use the ellipse tool to make a circle Now right-click on it and with the option to insert text write what you need in the circle, and with the support of the editing tools that you have above, you will have created your own stamp.


Once you have defined the shape of the seal, you can add an image that you have to represent the company logo; You can also even add shapes that are available in Word as an image supplement or image replacement.

To add the image you must click on the ‘insert’ tab, then on photos or images; Here you explore where your computer is, select it and press open and that’s it, the image will be loaded.


In addition, you can improve the name or business name of the company; making it stand out through the application of WordArt, which is a function that comes in Microsoft Word to give a better shape, color and transition to a word or title that we want to highlight in a text.

You can find it very easily at the beginning of Word; click on ‘What do you want to do?’ there you write ‘WordArt’ and it will come out to insert some typeface or a direct model for you to apply to the stamp directly; There are several models, so it is your decision and also choose the color of it wisely.

Fit and group

As a last step, you should try to fit everything within the circular shape or give a coherence and visual logical sense to the stamp; so that the logo is understood and the name and other information that you place there is read. Once adjusted, you group everything so that it stays together and does not move or lose consciousness.

Save this file on your pc and be aware of where you save it; This will help you the next time you need to use it and know for sure where to find it.

What is a stamp for in Word?

When we talk about the details that can make the document feel more or less professional, we can mention lots of different details that can be added to a document in Word. This is due to the great multitude of tools that we can use to give a specific finish to a document, or perhaps to make it look more professional, such as when making a personal reference .

Professionalism through the creation of documents is based a lot on this, that resources can be used in a good way, that the indicated templates are followed and that there is a good knowledge of what a document of a certain type may need. nature.

However, there are several ways to be successful at this, and perhaps a very effective one is by using a business or personal stamp. These stamps add validity to the document, even if it is purely digital, and help it look much more professional, so it is important to know how to create or add one.


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