Understanding Prophets and Apostles and Their Differences (Complete Discussion)

Understanding Prophets and Apostles With Their Differences (Complete Discussion)  – It is very familiar to Muslims about the names of prophets that must be known. Likewise with the title of the Prophet Muhammad who is always mentioned in all the good sayings of prayer, prayer and others. However, have you really known the difference between the two? InsyaAllah, on this occasion, about knowledge.co.id  will help in explaining again the understanding of the Prophet and the Apostle and the differences between the two.

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Understanding Prophets and Apostles and Their Differences (Complete Discussion)

Let us discuss in full the understanding of the prophets and apostles below.

Understanding of Prophets and Apostles

The following is the understanding.


Nabia was a servant of God who was trusted and given a revelation by Allah SWT but was not ordered to convey his revelation to his people. However, the revelation is given for its own use and there is no need to convey it to its people or its people. Whereas;


The Apostle is a person who has been entrusted with the revelation of Allah SWT to practice it and then has to convey it to his people.

Prophets and Apostles have the obligatory and impossible nature and have the nature of being. The previous discussion has been discussed.

Difference between Prophet and Apostle

As for the differences between Prophets and Apostles including:

  • The Prophet received a revelation for himself, while the Prophet was not only for himself but was commanded by God to convey to his people.
  • Every prophet is not necessarily a prophet, but he must be a prophet.
  • The number of prophets is huge even hundreds of thousands, but the number of apostles is very small. However, the only 25 prophets to know and accept . In a hadith narrated by At-Tirmidzi, from Abi Dzar, the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ” When asked about the number of Prophets ” The number of Prophets was 124,000 Prophets, then how many were among them? He replied: 312 “.
  • The first prophet to be sent to the earth was Adam ‘alaihissalam, while the first apostle was Noah’ alaihissalam. Prophets and apostles at the same time became a prophet whose rahmatal li’alamin was the Prophet Muhammad.
  • The degree of apostasy is higher than the prophetic rank. The apostles were sent after they became apostles and apostles more than prophets.


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Out of all the Prophets, only the prophet Muhamad SAW received the official title of Rasulullah, the only prophet and apostle whose duty covers all people throughout the world. He is also the cover of the Prophets.

It is said above that Rasulallah Muhammad SAW is a cover for the prophets, so we should not be fooled or influenced if there is someone who claims to be a prophet, if indeed there is such a thing, it is clear that there is a lie, because there really will be no prophets after His Majesty the Messenger of Allah SAW.

As for the duties of the Apostle:

  • Delivering revelation from Allah Almighty to his people;
  • Inviting and instructing Allah, that it is Allah who is obligated and worshiped to create the universe and its contents;
  • Strengthening his people from all forms of error to the right path;
  • To give glad tidings to the believers and to fear and to warn the people.


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