The Name of Heaven and Hell and Their Understanding (Complete Discussion)

The Name of Heaven and Hell and Their Understanding (Complete Discussion)  – Heaven and hell are the places where humans will return in the afterlife. There is eternal life forever. The world is only a temporary shelter, so we as servants of God must compete to get a decent life in the afterlife, heaven. On this occasion, about will discuss the notions of heaven and hell and the names of heaven and hell itself. The following explanation.

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The Name of Heaven and Hell and Its Understanding (Complete Discussion)

Let’s discuss in full about heaven and hell.

Understanding Heaven and the Names of Heaven

Heaven is a place for people who are sincere in worship, faith and devotion to Allah SWT. Heaven is a place in the afterlife that is full of fun and excitement. Pleasure and joy in heaven cannot be compared to pleasure and happiness in the world. The beauty that exists in the natural world cannot be compared to the beauty in the realm of heaven. If the beauty that is in the world is temporary, then the beauty and pleasure in the afterlife is eternal forever.

After human charity is judged and judged, they will be divided into two groups, namely Ashabul Yamin and Ashabus Syimal. Ashabul Yamin means right-wing people, those who are pious and who benefit from entering heaven. While Ashabus Syimal means the left, those who when in the world do not want to worship Allah, so they go to hell.

As for the names of heaven created by God, they are:


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  • Jannatul Firdaus
  • Jannatun Na’im
  • Jannatu ‘Adn
  • Jannatu Ma’wa
  • Jannatu khulud
  • Darul Qarar
  • Darus Salam

Understanding Hell and Hell Names

Hell is a reference to a place full of suffering, torture, for those who disobey God Almighty and disobey Him. Hell is a terrible retribution for a person who has lived his life on earth disobeying the laws of Allah Almighty. Allah says in QS Hud: 106-107

That is : “As for those who are miserable, then (in their place) in hell, there they exhale and breathe out in agony; Surely your Lord is the Executor of what He pleases “.

Hell is a place in the afterlife that is very unpleasant, this place is for people who break the commands of Allah.

As for the names of hell including:

Wail Hell : The lightest torment is for those who pray.

Hawiyah Hell : A very deep hell.

Laza Hell : a fiery hell that eases the skin of his head.

Hellfire : a fiery hell.

Saqar Hell : Hell that burns human beings and rips their skin.

Hell Hutamah : hell that burns people to the pit of their hearts.

Hellfire : a fiery hell that consumes humans.

Hell of Hell : the lowest or base hell, the deepest and most severe of torments.

Thus a brief description of the Name of Heaven and Hell and its Understanding (Full Discussion) , hopefully by reading it and knowing it, we can be more obedient to His commands and stay away from His prohibitions. Remember to make ourselves one of those who deserve to be a heaven-dweller and not a part of hell we really don’t want to visit. May we all become experts in heaven, amen.


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