Last Day’s Name in the Qur’an and Its Meaning (Complete Language)

Name of the End Times in the Qur’an and their Meanings (Complete Discussion)  – Believing that there is an end day is the sixth pillar of faith. The end day is certain and there will be a secret when the end will come. On this occasion, about KnowledgeKnowledgewill share knowledge about the names of the last days in the Qur’an. And the following review.

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  • 1Last Day’s Name in the Qur’an and Its Meaning (Complete Language)
    • 1Names of the Last Days
      • 1.1Final Yaumul
      • 1.2Yaumul Qiyamah
      • 1.3Yaumul Hasrah
      • 1.4Post-Baumats
      • 1.5Yaumul Hisab
      • 1.6Yaumu Where
      • 1.7Yaumul Haq
      • 1.8Yaumul Jam’i
      • 1.9Yaumul Khulud
      • 1.10Yaumul Fasli
      • 1.11Yaumul Wa’id
      • 1.12Yaumul Khuruj
      • 1.13Yaumu Taghabun
      • 1.14Yaumu Tanad
      • 1.15Yaumul Mau’ud
      • 1.16Yaumul Fathi
      • 1.17Yaumul Kabir
      • 1.18Yaumul ‘Asir
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Last Day’s Name In The Qur’an and Its Meaning (Complete Language)

Let’s discuss the full name of the last days in the Qur’an.

The names of the Last Days

The following are the names of the last days of the Qur’an.

Yaumul End

His heart is the end of days . It is in the QS.Al-Baqoroh: 8 which means: ” And some say,” We believe in Allah and the Last Day, “though they are not believers .

Yaumul Qiyamah

It means doomsday . As mentioned in QS. Al-Baqoroh verse 85, which means: ” There is no reward for those who do so among you other than the hardships of the life of the world, and on the Day of Resurrection they will be brought back to the greatest torment. And Allah does not care what you do .

Yaumul Hasrah

It means a day of regret . Allah says in the QS. Mary: 39 which means: ” And warn them of the day of remorse, (that is) when all things are ended, and they are in ignorance and they do not believe .”


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Ya’ul Ba’ats

It means the day is up . As stated in the letter of Ar-Romans verse 56 which means: “… Then this is the day, but you do not believe ”

Yaumul Hisab

It means the day of reckoning . Allah says in the QS. Sad: 16 which means: ” And they said,” O our Lord, hasten the torment which was given us before the day of reckoning “.

Yaumu Diin

It means the day of vengeance . The word of Allah in the letter of Fatihah verse 4 which means: “the owner of the day of vengeance “.

Yaumul Haq

It means a certain day . God’s Word in QS. An-Naba: 39 which means: ” That is the day that must occur. Whoever then desires, he will find his way back to his Lord “.

Yaumul Jam’i

It means a day of gathering . In QS. ‘Syura’ Allah says: ” And thus We revealed the Qur’an to you in Arabic, that you should give warning to the inhabitants of the capital (Mecca) and the inhabitants (of the surrounding lands), and warn of the day of assembly.” (Resurrection) that there is no doubt .

Yaumul Khulud

It means eternity . Allah says in the QS. Qaf: 34 which means: ” Go in (in heaven) safely and peacefully. That is the eternal day “.

Yaumul Fasli

It means decision day . God’s Word in QS.Ad-Dukhan: 40 which means: ” Verily the day of judgment (the Day of Judgment) is the time promised to them all “.

Yaumul Wa’id

It means the day is a threat . In QS. Qaf: 20 Allah says: ” And blow the trumpet. That was the day that was threatened “.

Yaumul Khuruj

It means a day out of the grave . Allah says in the QS. Qaf: 42 which means: ” (That is) the day (when) they hear a terrible voice. That is the day out .


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Yaumu Taghabun

It means that the day of the mistake is revealed . In QS. At-noon: 9 . Allah says: ” Remember that on the day when Allah gathers us on a day, it is a day of confession of errors …”.

Yemeni Tanad

That means calling day . Allah says in the QS. Al-Mu’min: 32 which means: ” O my people! Verily, I am very concerned about you (the torment) of the day calling to each other “.

Yaumul Mau’ud

It means a promised day . Allah says in the QS. Al-Buruj: 2 which means: ” And for the promised day “.

Yaumul Fathi

It means victory day . Allah says in the QS. As-Sajdah: 29, which means: ” Say,” In that day, it will be of no use to those who disbelieve in their faith and they will not be delayed . ”

Yaumul Kabir

It means a great day . Allah says in the QS. Hud: 3 which means: “… And if ye turn away, verily, I fear that ye shall be punished on the great day .”

Yaumul ‘Asir

It means a difficult day . Allah says in QS. Al-Mudassir: 9 which means: ” That is a difficult day ”


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