Understanding Itikaf, Type, Time, Pillar, Terms & Intent (Complete)

Understanding Itikaf, type, time, Pillars, Terms & Intention (Complete)  – In the discussion this time Sepengetahuan.Co.Id  will explain about Itikaf. In Wikipedia, Itikaf is sourced from Arabic, which means to stay, isolate oneself or be obstructed. In terms of worship in the teachings of Islam is silence in the mosque in order to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT.

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  • 1Definition of Itikaf, Type, Time, Pillar, Terms & Intent (Complete)
    • 1The Meaning of Itikaf
    • 2Types of Itikaf
      • 2.1Itikaf Sunnat
      • 2.2Mandatory Itikaf
    • 3Itikaf Time
    • 4Pillars of Itikaf
    • 5Itikaf Terms
    • 6Prayer Intention
    • 7Things that are allowed for Mutakif
    • 8Things That Cancel Itikaf
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Understanding Itikaf, Type, Timing, Pillars, Terms & Conditions (Complete)

In addition to the definition of itikaf, we will also review the types, time, harmony, conditions, and intentions of itikaf. For more details, please refer to the review below carefully.

The meaning of Itikaf

The definition of itikaf apart from Wikipedia above is to stop or stay in the mosque with certain conditions, which are solely due to the intention to worship Allah.

Itikaf is a sunnak that is done every time, but the best or the most important thing is to do it during the month of Ramadan.

Types of Itikaf

The types of itikaf include:

·      Itikaf Sunnat

Itikaf sunnat is an itikaf that is carried out voluntarily merely to get closer and hope to get the pleasure of Allah SWT, just as the 10-day explanation explains the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

·      Itikaf Required

Itikaf is a mandatory if it is done because it has vows or promises, such as: If Allah SWT heals my illness, then I will beritikaf.

Itikaf time

Basically, itikaf time depends on the type of itikaf that will be done. Itikaf is obliged to depend on how much time is sent. Then for the sake of sunnat there is no time limit that determines, at any time of the night or day, the time may be long or short. Ya’la bin Ummayyah said “In fact, I stayed for an hour in the mosque, but only for news”.

Pillars of Itikaf

Itikaf has the following rules:

  • Intention
  • Quiet in the mosque (QS. Al-Baqarah: 187)

Some scholars allow itikaf at every mosque that is used for prayer in congregation five times. This was done to avoid frequent exits of the mosque and to maintain the course of the congregational prayers at all times.

Some other scholars, provided that the itikaf be performed in the mosque used for Friday prayers, so that those who are religious should not leave the place of itikaf to another mosque for Friday prayers.

This opinion was strengthened by the Shafi’ite scholars that the most important thing was theika in the Jami mosque ‘, because the Prophet Muhammad itikaf in the Jami mosque’. More important in three mosques, namely Al-Haram Mosque, Nabawi Mosque and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Terms of Use

People who will beritikaf then must meet the requirements, among others, namely:

  • Muslim
  • Intention
  • Baligh / Wisdom
  • Holy of hadats (jubilee), menstruation and teeth
  • Performed in the mosque

So if it is not a Muslim, children are immature, people are mentally unstable, people are jubilant, women in menstruation and teeth are not allowed to do so.

Prayer of Intention

Meaning: ” I intend (do) Itikaf in the mosque, Sunnah because Allah Ta’ala ”

What is permissible for Mutakif

The things that are allowed to be done by mutakif or people who are beritikaf include:

  • Exit this place to send his wife away, as the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) did to his wife Sofiyah Ra. (HR. Bukhari and Muslim History)
  • Comb or shave hair, cut nails, clean the body of dirt or body odor.
  • Come out to perform the chores that need to be fulfilled, such as urinating and eating small, eating, drinking (when no one is delivering food), and everything else that is not possible at the mosque, but should return immediately after completing his or her needs.
  • Eat, drink and sleep in the mosque by always maintaining the holiness and cleanliness of the mosque
  • Meet guests at the mosque for something that is allowed religion.

Things that cancel Itikaf

The things that can cancel theikaf include:

  • Leaving the mosque on purpose without the need for a momentary exclusion.
  • Apostate (out of Islam)
  • Lost your mind because you’re crazy or drunk
  • Menstruation or teeth
  • Having sex with a wife, but holding without lust is fine as the Prophet did with his wives.
  • Go to Friday prayers (for those who allow itikaf in the prayer room not used for prayer).


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