Understanding Faith in Allah Almighty, Prophecy, Wisdom, Examples of Behavior

Understanding Faith in Allah SWT, Arguments, Wisdom, Examples of Behavior  – In this discussion we will explain about Faith in Allah. Which includes pengertina, theorem, wisdom and examples of the behavior of faith in Allah SWT with a complete and easy to understand discussion. For more details, please refer to the review below carefully.

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  • 1Understanding Faith in Allah Almighty, Prophecy, Wisdom, Examples of Behavior
    • 1Understanding Faith in Allah Almighty
    • 2 TakeNaqli’s Faith in God
    • 3 TheWisdom of Faith in Allah Almighty
    • 4Examples of Acts of Faith in God
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Understanding Faith in Allah Almighty, Prophecy, Wisdom, Examples of Behavior

Let us first discuss the meaning of faith in Allah Almighty first.

Understanding Faith in Allah Almighty

Judging from the language, Faith has its source in Arabic which means to believe. But as the term implies, faith means to justify with the heart, to speak orally and to practice.

Thus, the proper definition of Faith in Allah SWT is to believe with the heart, acknowledge or speak verbally and prove or do with deeds that God exists and all the qualities that exist in Him are great and perfect.

Naqli’s Faith in God

There is a proposition that forms the basis or foundation of the Faith of Allah Almighty already contained in the Qur’an Surat Al-Baqarah: 136, namely:

It means:
“And that God, the Lord God. There is no God but Him. Most Gracious and Most Merciful. ” (QS. Al-Baqarah: 136)

The Wisdom of Faith in Allah Almighty

Faith in Allah has wisdom or functions that can be explained below:


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Adding Confidence
We know that Allah SWT created all of this and keeps us alive today. Then we must be more confident and always grateful to Allah SWT.

Increasing Obedience
A person who has faith in God will surely be obedient, and always obeying Allah’s commands and avoiding His prohibitions will make our hearts always remember God.

Peace of the Heart
When you are sure and obedient, people who always remember God and make their hearts more peaceful. This has been summarized in Surah Ar-Rad verse 28.

Can Save Human Life in the World and the Hereafter
It is written in the Letter of Allah that Allah says, “Verily We help our apostles and the believers in the life of the world and the witness of the Day of Judgment.

Bringing Advantage and Happiness to Life
People who have faith in God will make their hearts calm, and of course their lives will be more peaceful and happy. If you face a problem it will be easier to solve it because God will help him.

Example of Creation of Faith in God

In daily life there are many examples that can be done in order to increase faith in Allah SWT, including:

  • Perform prayers on time
  • Giving alms from some of the sustenance earned
  • Give it to God
  • Rendering some of his or her possessions at leisure or in the space of time
  • Doing good deeds every time
  • Able to suppress emotions
  • Can forgive the mistakes of others
  • Obey Allah’s orders from the worship side
  • Quit doing something you don’t like and promise never to do it again
  • Believe in the pillar of faith
  • Keep praying five times a day and congregate at the mosque (for men)
  • Generate charity, charity and charity
  • Keeps the belief in oneself from magic, superstition and heresy
  • Do all that is required of Allah SWT from the point of worship or worship
  • Loving fellow Muslims as brothers and sisters
  • Abandon all forms of deed that Allah and His Apostle hate
  • Contemplating all the creations of God in the heavens or on the earth and in the whole universe and also believing that God is omnipotent in everything He has created.
  • Always be grateful for all the blessings that Allah has given us by improving the quality of worship and continue to improve it.


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