Tremolo;equal notes of the same duration

Tremolo : It comes from the Italian tremolo, tremulo is a quick succession of many equal notes of the same duration.

Usage Examples

Manual to play the guitar: rock & blues .

A tremolo is an accessory that allows changing the tension of the strings . The tremolos are built on the bridge of most of the guitars. They have a piece of metal that is screwed to the bridge, so that it can be moved.

Technical Dictionary of Music

  1. Tremolo. Tremate. (Item.). Indication of the effect that must be produced by multiplying the vibrationof the strings by the rapid movement of the bow. Tremblant or tremolo, (fr.). Registration of the organor harmonium that produces the wave effect.

The flamenco touch

The flamenco tremolo It differs from the classic four-note tremolo (P, a, m, i) in that flamenco has five (P, i, a ,, m, i), running basically in the same way.

How to play the violin The tremolo As a rule, the tremolo only appears when played in the orchestra, and consists of moving the bow very quickly up and down, either on a note, or on a succession of notes.

Current trends in the use of the term Tremulous

The term “tremolo” is used regularly and occupies position 34.005 of our list of most used terms in the Spanish dictionary .

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