Tessitura;Tonal Amplitude Of A Singer.

Tesitura : The tesitura is the tonal amplitude of a singer . The interval between the most serious and the most acute sound, according to the usual criteria of musicality, is considered as tessitura. We speak of tessitura, therefore, when considering the sounds that we can control according to our characteristics of timbre and volume. Do not confuse tessitura with registration. The record is the total spectrum of sounds that our AF ( Sound Device ) is capable of generating. When talking about Tesitura, we are not talking about excess, or extension, or quantity, but sound quality.


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Other concepts

  1. Situation, circumstance, situation: we are in a complex situation.
  2. Own height of each voice or of each instrument: its position is contralto.
  3. Attitude or disposition of mind

Vocal classification

The classification according to sex is related to the physiological constitution of AF. Broadly speaking, these are differences in the proportions of the larynx and the length of the vocal cords between women and men. The bell is another way of classifying voices. This typification responds both to physiological circumstances of resonance , and to the laryngeal constitutionality. Both classifications can be incorporated into the field of the tessellation, while a singer has the ability to display a certain tonal range. Usually, between the voice of man and woman the same note on the staffIt is a difference of one octave. For example: in the treble clef, a La of the second space, (La, 2) for a tenor, is a La of the third space, (La, 3) for a woman’s voice. In women, the following groups are distinguished according to the displacement of the voice on the scales:

Soprano : from Do3 to Do5.

Light soprano: from Do3 to Fa5

Mezzo-soprano : from La2 to La4

Contralto : from Sun2 to Sun4

-In men, the classification is made according to the following position:

Tenor : from Do2 to Do4

Baritone : from Sun1 to La3

Low : from Mi1 to Mi3.

Hearing exercise

Before considering our tessellation or natural range, we will begin by sitting in front of a keyboard and playing all the scales mentioned above. This is useful even for those who have previous musical knowledge, since what it is about now is to think and listen from this other instrument: the voice .

We recommend some singers, specialists in each area, to familiarize ourselves with the different theses. To enjoy, since these are true geniuses: Back: Marian Anderson Soprano: Joan Sutherland ; Renee Fleming ; Luciana Serra ; Inva Mula Tchako . Mezzo-soprano: Cecilia Bartoli ; Karen Quicker ; Teresa Berganza . Tenor: Carlo Bergonzi . Baritone: Dimitri Hvorostovsky . Under: Boris Christoff


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