Tanya Hazel Zea García

Tanya Hazel Zea García: Guatemalan singer and songwriter.

Biographical Data

He was born on February 25 , 1953 in Guatemala.


Daughter of Walter Leopoldo Zea Ligorría and Elvira García Ortega. Winner of the second place of the Ibero-American Television Organizations (OTI 1974) festival, held at the Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Theater, in Acapulco (Mexico), with the song “I am” of his own inspiration. He studied at the Central House and the National Conservatory of Music. In the new years he made his first Solo with the National Symphony. She was married to Julio César del Valle, with whom she had two children. In 1970 he participated in the First Festival of the Central American and Caribbean Song, held in Panama, where he won first place as best performer and in New York as best voice with the song “I don’t change you, moon”.

Two years later at the Maracaibo Festival, Venezuela, he was crowned with “I love you, I love you”. After the triumph in OTI, was received apotheosically in Guatemala, was received by President Kjell Eugenio Laugerud García. He participated in the JA Guzmán Show, on Channel 3 of Television. He has recorded 23 Longplays. Other of his remembered songs are “Make fun of me” and “Forgive me jealousy.” He is a prophet in his land Many years have passed since he moved away from the stage, and with it many rumors about his evanescence, but behind that decision are his three children: Julio César, Pedro Pablo and Juan Miguel. His career was full of success and with which he transcended the borders, and arrived in Puerto Rico, New York, Panama, Mexico and Spain, back in the 1970s and 1980s. Currently, he ventures into the art of crafts; I study embossing and jewelry, so when your voice doesn’t sing, your hands do it ”,

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