Tips for a good daily sales routine

Every salesperson’s day is different in many ways. According to the way the company works, some details and needs end up being adjusted.

But there are some points that can be added to the salesperson’s routine, which can help both in the daily organization and in the consistency of the actions. Human beings are animals of habit, and defining routines is the easiest way to automate actions and reduce the effort required to perform them.

Better yet, thinking about actions as a routine helps to organize activities for moments where we are more or less willing.

Before the day starts

Unless you already have an appointment in the early hours of the morning with a customer, this is usually not the best time to contact and approach for a sale.

In the first hour of the day, professionals usually organize and talk to colleagues about casualties. It’s the common time to get coffee, make that joke with the friend’s team that never won a world cup, comment on the soap opera and the news of the day.

For the seller there are two activities that can occupy this space in the first hour of the day, since customers are not at the most receptive moment.

Take care of your professional social networks

This is the best time of the day for you to read interesting posts, interact with people and make your presence online. It is a good time, for being calmer, to write something that can contribute to other people.

it usually takes no more than 30 minutes to read the latest, interact and produce some text to build a reputation.

Review how your day will be

Another important action when we talk about the beginning of the day is to go over everything we will do. Sit down calmly, write a list of what lies ahead and think about what points some preparation is needed.

This is when you check the follow-ups that need to be done, the scheduled meetings or new opportunities that you need to attend.

Have an important meeting? How about going over the customer’s history in CRM ? A first contact with a prospect that already uses another product, how about studying the competitor before?

This is one of the most effective exercises to prepare for a good day and not feel lazy when starting activities throughout the day.

Update on the world

Rapport is an excellent way to win the customer’s attention during a conversation. Knowing how to fit good subjects and conduct a conversation that aggregates information is fundamental to the salesperson’s work.

Take advantage of that time before the day starts to read some of the most important news, consult the result of the round of football matches and some important news more specialized in technology and innovation.

Knowing how to respond well to some issues that are not necessary, but often enter the conversation adds an extra point when developing rapport.

The morning

Now that the day has been prepared, it is time to carry out the planned activities. Meetings can last a long time, but when there are several, there is often a gap between them.

In these cases, it is important to use the intervals to perform follow-ups, check and respond to emails. Using this time also to update the CRM with the information from the last meeting.

The return of lunch

The moment after lunch is very similar to the early morning. People are usually sleepy from digestion and prefer to have coffee and do more individual activities until they wake up again.

Use the first half hour after the meal to check and answer emails, and you can also pay attention to the responses you received on social networks, probably the result of the first interaction in the morning. Organizing small moments to carry out these activities avoids exaggerating the use of social networks.

The middle of the afternoon

Now, just like mid-morning, it’s time to focus on calls, meetings and follow-ups.

Some salespeople like to separate moments, some spend the whole morning just making calls and use the afternoon for follow-ups. Others end up mixing everything.

The idea here is to understand that depending on the public, the way the company works and that the seller works better, it is possible to organize some actions so that they are more efficient.

The end of the day

When there are no more calls or activities for the day, it’s time to prepare the way for the next day. A little like the morning process, now it’s time to see the next day’s activities, organize some necessary information and create a list.

That list, the next morning, will only be revised and supplemented, in case something is missing or new information ends up appearing.

Paying attention to building a good routine can help a lot in the consistency of the work, often feeling that more progress is made with less effort and stress. When we remove some barriers from activities using only planning, we are able to produce more and with more quality.

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