Using technology to create a complete business process

When it comes to introducing technology to companies, many managers are already staring. Maybe because they think about high investment, because they think that adapting to their team would cost a lot of learning time and even understanding that maybe it is a luxury or silly to have software or a solution helping you in your management process.

The truth is that one of the main pillars that support companies today is the idea of ​​implementations aimed at digital and technological transformation, generating innovation and enabling conditions to create new ways to seek results, circumvent obstacles and manage recurring demands.

Innovative management is more than necessary today and needs to be under a new perspective to sustain itself. Every company needs to be aware of the market to continue to exist and be relevant, always keeping an eye on business intelligence , research and investment in development.

Managing with a focus on evolution, news and even changes in market dynamics is more than just participating in lectures on the topic, but it is really applying new practices to existing realities.

You will not be able to escape the data

When it comes to recording data, some professionals believe that they should not be investing time in documenting their journey with customers, but rather spending more time in contact with them. For this reason, technological innovations that focus on optimizing the relationship with the customer are poorly understood.

No use, if you really want to stand out in the market you will not be able to achieve this goal using only fully manual and archaic tools. The sales process today is much more complex than just introducing people to the product and convincing them to buy.

For there to be a really high performance in sales, your team will need an organization in the data, tools to increase your productivity in terms of time spent, be able to follow customers with less margin for gross errors.

Do not run away from the future believing that your company will continue in the market just because it does not have a tradition. Without technology, not even the best salespeople can operate to their full potential.

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You need information to generate knowledge

Anticipating the customer is perhaps one of the best sales “arguments”. When we go to buy something the seller already seems to know our taste, we tend to buy some product or service more easily.

What if you and your team were able to track and know enough data to deliver enough information on the most common customer behaviors and practices in your market? What if you, the manager, in addition, could get to know each of your team members better and better understand the profiles to maximize them within the team?

This is exactly what a customer relationship management system does only by generating recorded data and bringing this business intelligence to hand.

Believe that you know how to record data, you have important information before you, and whoever has indicative reports can build a logic of market knowledge and internal management.

If, on the other hand, you cannot clearly access everything that happens, you, as a manager, will have blind spots that can influence other areas. This knowledge comes from experiences and tact with people, but today, with the huge demand for tasks and rush, the only way to cope is with the technology of a CRM.

Collect insight, build intelligence and make an impact

Using technology can be much simpler than that idea that many people have of a room full of expensive computers and with gigantic data support.

You have an opportunity to have your management mapped on the screen of a cell phone or notebook in a clear and intuitive way without necessarily having to be an accurate data scientist.

Make a point of recording everything that happens so that you can build from these data insights, a clearer fortress of strategies that really impact the market

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