How to build business management focused on growth

For there to be a real growth in your sales without this waiting for a miracle that never comes, we really need to better understand how not only our business process works , but what are our limitations of understanding regarding our reality.

The great weapon of good managers is precisely to learn to observe what is not working well and to have the ability to perform transformations that further optimize their processes , bring tools that can contribute to agility, organization and customization of service and more one last important factor is your ability to be open to what you don’t know yet.

In this sense, if the manager believes that what brings success to an operation is only hiring the best salespeople in the market, having money to make comfortable investments, being in a condition to do everything he believes he needs, he will never end up finding possibilities to achieve results.

Being a manager is learning to create opportunities with what you have in hand before aiming for another level . For this reason, I really wanted to defend that sustaining a commercial management that is completely linked to growth does not only involve structuring, but also an exchange of fundamental mentality.

Let’s understand about such a comfort zone

Everyone who works in the commercial sector must have heard someone say: Get out of your comfort zone !. Well, we need to be cautious in understanding how much is possible and how we can achieve more results from this pattern break.

I believe that despite being a good phrase, it is necessary to consider that the comfort zone in the commercial universe is not all bad . When we are talking about business, having a margin of guarantee brings a reality of safety that is really important. In addition, businesses need to be sealed with trust so that everyone feels safe in the face of decisions and learns to manage everything from a much broader perspective.

Now, there is a reality that we are no longer talking about security and trust, but rather an ease that ends up plastering people, processes and products. In companies that are really well organized and guarantee a certain stability, stability is a hallmark.

However, most companies are still navigating an unstable market, full of complications and being attacked daily by competitors, vying for market attention with medium and large companies.

For a commercial operation to really gain notoriety, it is necessary to learn how to develop maturity , that is to say that it cannot continue doing everything in an amateurish, simplistic way and without commercial intelligence. Whoever always acts in a mediocre manner will always have mediocre results.

Market dynamics is one of the greatest tools that a manager has to be able to perform. In this sense, learning to negotiate with the feeling of security and control that paralyzes us can be a great differentiator. It is useless to be afraid to innovate processes, insert technological tools and invest in new market intelligence. It is necessary to leave a common place.

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The building of a growing commercial management

There are some ways to improve results. Of course, it does not depend only on the manager, but some decisions must go through the evolution of his mentality.

I believe that overcoming fears with responsibility is to be courageous to invest in order to reduce the lack of self-confidence among the sales teams , to stop listening to some of the more conventional excuses such as “my team will not engage”, “I am afraid of not giving right “,” my market is not prepared for this “.

Growing back has to do with being really willing to learn, stop being affected by the opinion of others who don’t occupy the risk seat, learn to deal with challenges in a practical way and instigate people to help solve problems in a mutual way, bring a reality in which your team understands that you want to work on new skills and further expand this accommodation mentality.

For a real change in your commercial area you need help from your team, but also from other facilitators. You have to face the new as an opportunity for growth and not as an obstacle to what does not give more results.

If you really need to leave a common place within your market and be able to understand how your management is doing with numbers, data and more concrete views, stop just trying to find growth with practices that do not lead to objective results.

Learn to find holes in your management that prevent you from performing better, from projecting new fundamental realities, from setting goals that can be attainable and from conquering places you have not yet reached in your market.

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