Should we include dairy products in our daily diet?

Do you consume milk and yogurt on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, would you like to know more about its properties? Or maybe about some of the myths that circulate about them? So that you can put to the test and perhaps also expand your knowledge about dairy, we have prepared a short questionnaire.

Question 1: How many servings of dairy is recommended per day?

Two to three 1 .

Question 2: Why are we recommended to consume dairy on a daily basis?

Because they contain calcium, an essential nutrient for our body 2 .

Question 3: Does eating yogurt every day help us maintain healthy bones?

Yes, as long as it is part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Question 4: Should adults stop consuming dairy as a source of calcium?

No, our body needs calcium throughout life.

Question 5: My child does not like milk or cheese, how do I get the nutrients from dairy (calcium and protein)?

Giving him yogurts, which are often more palatable because they come in different formats, flavors and textures, and they are also delicious with fruit.

Question 6: Can I consume yogurt on a low calorie diet?

Yes, because plain yogurts do not contain added sugars and are low in fat and calories 2 .

Question 7: Plain yogurt for dessert is very boring, right?

Not if we add a touch of seasonal fruit.

Question 8: I have stopped eating meat and fish but I continue with dairy, what am I?

Ovolacto vegetarian.

Question 9: What is the best time of day to consume dairy?

Any time is good.

Question 10: Can you cook with yogurt?

Yes, as a lighter substitute for butter or cream or even in a marinade with aromatic herbs and spices.

Question 11: Yogurt is a fermented food, so is it difficult to make it at home?

Not at all, it’s very easy. Yogurt is mostly made up of milk and ferments slightly heated for a few hours.

Did you know that the ones that consume the most yogurt are …

France and Turkey! They are the countries with the highest yogurt consumption, with 57% and 52% of the population respectively consuming yogurt every day. Maybe they know something that we don’t!

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