How to create a routine with Google Home

Just like Alexa Narrator , you can create a routine with Google Home. Do you want to make sure that all the devices in the house turn off with a simple voice command or, better still, make sure that when you wake up the coffee machine turns on and the news of the day is read? Then you will need to create a routine with Google Home. Routines are a powerful tool that google makes available to you to perform a series of operations (for example a notification when a window remains open with the heating on) and which are activated with a simple voice command; in practice, the routines will allow you to perform one or more actions at the unleashing of a certain event. A routine will allow you to interact with all the home automation devices in your home. There are no limits to how much you can domotize your home with routines.

but enough with the useless preambles and let’s get straight to the point! In this very short guide, in no time at all, I’ll show you how to write a Google routine and by the end of reading you’ll be able to create any routine you want.

Create a routine with Google Home

The good news is that creating a routine with Google Home is really very simple; you will obviously need a google home device and write a google routine of the google home app.

So to write a Google routine, first open the Google Home app from your smartphone and press on the word Routine to open the screen with the list of active routines on your Google Home devices. From here, press the button at the top right that says New or Add a routine to create a new one or press on an already present routine to be able to modify it.

As you have already noticed there are some routines already present ( “Good morning”, “Good night”, “Leaving home”, “At home”, “Daily trip to work” and “Daily trip home” ) that you can use at your liking (find more information on google support pages ).

The routine consists of an event that triggers it (for example a voice command) and the actions to be performed when the event is triggered.

The window for the new routines has two boxes: When… in which the triggering event should be inserted and my assistant should … where the actions should be inserted.

So to create a routine with Google Home, first insert the event by clicking on Add commands ; then enter the sentence that will trigger the event and press save. You can also click on Set date and time to schedule the execution of the routine at a certain date and time, regardless of the command.

Then press Add action and enter the action you want to be performed when the event is triggered; from here you can use one of the most frequent actions or enter any command of the Google Assistant; once done press Add . You can also insert multiple actions for a single routine by pressing the Add Command item several times.

For example, you can create a routine that (event) will activate both when you say the phrase “ok google, turn off everything” and every day at 24:00 which (action) will turn off all the lights in the house.

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