3 types of emails to address old or inactive contacts

I believe that almost everyone has had that experience of meeting an old friend who really had an absolute affinity in high school and after some time it seems that they can no longer sustain a conversation for long without leaving the clichés.

The ideal in the sales market is that this point never comes between you and a customer who has shown an interest in the past. This affinity cannot be completely lost.

The idea of ​​having a CRM that is capable of strengthening and fine-tuning relationships between people is precisely using data, interactions and, above all, the task agenda to keep in touch with customers whenever possible.

Despite this, there is still a doubt as to how is the best way to contact former stakeholders without being invasive or in the most polite way possible.

With that in mind, we have created some models that can inspire you and help you talk to people who have already been interested in products at another point of contact.

Reference model # 1

Hi [Customer name],

We haven’t talked in a while, have we? Well, as you know, we value our relationships with people and how we can help them. And not only that, but we really care to meet the fundamental needs of the market in [your industry] since we opened in [year].

I noticed that you had shown an interest earlier in understanding a little more about [your product or service] a few months ago. If you have resolved your fault in any way, we are happy for that. Now if you still have problems with [quote from customers] , I would like to have an opportunity to present our solutions again and recover the conversation about how to serve you better.

I really wanted to have a conversation about your reality, better understand your demands, and offer an opportunity to help you with all of that. I am sending you this email because I really believe that our products can meet your needs in all ways.

What about telling me to set up a quick chat via [a video call, a phone call, an email or a face- to- face meeting] to hear from you about your future challenges?

I await your contact so that we can find together new profitable solutions for your business.

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Reference model # 2

Hi [Customer name] ,

I know we haven’t talked since [date of the last recorded conversation] but since then, there’s a lot of news to tell you. It could be that you were so busy that we inadvertently were unable to contact you to reorder our conversations, right?

Well, many things have happened since then. We are always thinking about how we can offer an excellent service to our customers and how important this is to us.

Therefore, as we have identified that you are really fit with our market, I am reestablishing our commercial relationship to try to finally help you with the demands that may have arisen after our last contact.

Is there a time in your agenda so we can meet and discuss your new concerns? If you prefer, I can call you at a convenient time for you and again talk about the market.

Did you know that [list news about products, launches, market, and company news] ?

Consider introducing yourself to what’s new in quality products and services that are emerging. I promise that the coffee is on me. I await your reply.

Reference model # 3

Hi [Customer name] ,

I got in touch with you one last time, haven’t I? We are revisiting people that we have identified that have great potential to grow within the market and that we would like to meet with your needs regarding [your market] .

I was thinking about our last conversation, in which you told me [to retrieve important information registered in the CRM] , and I would like to know if you still have this difficulty and how I can help you with it. In addition, I would also like to understand if there is anything new that may have appeared and that I will be able to serve you.

Is there any way to improve presenting our solutions to you? We are aware that not all companies in [quote her industry] are interested in getting results with us, but as we talked about earlier, I think we may be able to take steps to ensure that you get results that are different from the ones you are having. More profitable, promising and sustainable.

I want to understand your reality more. I would like to schedule a [call, call, visit] to find out if you can accomplish something together in the face of the challenges of this market. I included my contacts at the end of this email so that we can schedule this opportunity. I await your reply.

Only relationship with registered contact exists

Of course, in order to be able to resume a relationship with former customers you need to have generated and recorded data about it. Actively storing information about stakeholders is the first step so that in the future you have an opportunity to make a new interaction with him.

Connecting with people and intelligently capturing customers’ emails, numbers, is also a way to simplify tasks so you can track leads more effectively. Always have a trigger on hand to recover your connection with people.

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