How to start a Agarbati factory

If you are thinking of a productive business with small capital , start a Agarbati factory. Agarbati is regarded as religiously sacred and essential. Agarbati is an essential item in various religious ceremonies of both Muslim and Hindu communities. Agarbati is a widely used element, especially in Milad, the funeral of the deceased, and in worship.

The Agarbati factory can be a lucrative and reputed business venture. The business of making agarbatti in the low capital of young entrepreneurs can be a potential business location.

Where to give Agarbati factory

Agarbati factory can be started at your home if you want. Moreover, this business can be started at a place where communication is good and near the market. You can easily start this business in your nearest market.

Why start this business?

This is a simple business idea. Agarbatti-based business is likely to generate high profits in terms of profitability. To make agarbatti, it takes easy ingredients like wood, perfume, packet, etc. All of these ingredients can be collected very easily. There is the possibility of contributing religiously as well as financial transparency by making Agarbati the most demanding religious material. That’s why many entrepreneurs are eager to start this business.

Possible capital

To start this business, you need to invest approximately Rs 2 lakh to Rs 1 lakh.

How to make Agarbati

To start this business you need to rent a house 3 feet by 5 feet. If you want, you can start at home. To make agarbatti, make a wooden stick with bamboo. The sticks need to be wet in color to make them colored. Then the bark and coal of the bijla tree should be crushed and rolled with sieve. Mix all the ingredients together and mix the DPE oil with the ingredients.

Then put the ketchup on the griddle and mix it with kale powder. After that the mixture will be dried in the sun. After drying in the sun, the scent is sprinkled on the wood and the agarbati is prepared for marketing. Thus, a Agarbati factory can be started easily.

Customers: The organizers of any religious event are the main consumers of this business. The business can be operated by providing wholesale agarbatti at any grocery store.

Qualifications: No special qualifications are required to start this business. However, if you manage marketing efficiently, success is available immediately.

Potential Income: The estimated cost to produce 1 Gros Agarbati is Tk. And when it is sold in the market, it costs 20 taka. Thus, the business can earn a lot of money.

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