How to factory reset Powerbeats Pro

If you have headphones, you may want to restore or reset them, that is, so that they return to the same way as the first day, like when you took them out of the box. Today we will see how to reset the Powerbeats Pro .

Reset Powerbeats Pro

In the event that you have Powerbeats Pro , you are likely to ask yourself many questions, one of them being how to restore them.

And, as you know, we are facing the evolution of Powerbeats . They have a curious design but are comfortable, because they are well attached to the ear so that you can take them with you well adjusted whenever you need it.

Of course, they also come with cool features. For example, the battery life is long , so you can enjoy them for a long time. And they are easy to use and efficient, ideal to use them whenever it is necessary.

But above all they are designed for sport, because they resist well to water and sweat . So they are great headphones for those who practice running or directly looking for helmets of this type.

But at some point you might be interested in resetting the Powerbeats Pro . Here are the steps to follow to do it on iPhone or iPad :

  1. Take your device and open the Settings app
  2. Go to Bluetooth
  3. Click on the “i” and then on “Powerbeats Pro by (name)”
  4. Click on “Skip device”
  5. Confirm it and go

Just by doing this you will be able to unlink the Powerbeats Pro from your iPhone or iPad . It will take you 2 minutes and you can now link them with another device.

If something suddenly doesn’t work for you, it is an alternative that you can take. Or directly to link them to another new device.

If you prefer to do it directly from the charging case :

  1. Put the headphones in the charging case
  2. Press the inner button until the indicator light flashes red and white
  3. Loose

You already have it! When only white flashes the LED will mean that they can be paired again.

We hope this tutorial has helped you to know how to reset the Powerbeats Pro . If you have doubts, you can ask us.

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