How to earn income by renting trees to decorate office and wedding house

If anyone had heard before that the tree could be earned by rent, he would have said it was crazy. It is no longer possible to say that. Because it is very profitable to start a business by renting exotic varieties of trees.

At present, public and private offices are very well decorated. If you can decorate it with eco-friendly trees, that office looks even better. Moreover, there is a tendency to decorate trees at weddings nowadays. As an environmentally friendly and unique business, you can earn by renting a tree.

As part of euphemism, people are always keen and aware of the decoration. This decoration and beauty enhancement is not limited to the human body. Now people use different kinds of decoration materials to make the house, office, factory and various wedding party or ceremony beautiful and lively.

The most interesting of these is the decoration with trees. The decoration is done by a tree made on the basis of flowers or any other interesting structure, from the beginning of the tree to the rich lighting and colors. By renting decorative trees, the business is now regarded as a very popular business for entrepreneurs of all levels. Read more – Profitable business ideas that can be earned by renting

The business can be started in any commercial or residential area.

It doesn’t take too much capital to start a tub rental business. With a small investment enough to start this business, many new entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. Once invested in this business you do not have to invest any longer. If you can manage this business well then the profit margin is not bad. Although this business is easy to manage, it is difficult to get a customer in the beginning.

You may need to invest Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 lakh to start a tree rental business.

How to get started in this business: You need to buy the saplings of the plants that enhance the beauty of the plant and plant the saplings in the tub. The plants can then be rented monthly or daily by contacting various offices or commercial establishments. This plant is also used to enhance the beauty of various wedding ceremonies. This is how this business can be managed.

Customers: The main consumer of this business is the various offices and commercial establishments. However, the organizers of the event also rented the tree.

Qualifications: There is no qualification required to start this business. However, it is good to have experience in tree and tree care.

Potential Income: The monthly rent for each tree varies from Rs. 3 to Rs. And every day, the rent of each tree is from 5 to 5 taka.

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