Soil jewelry making can be one of the main sources of income

Soil jewelry making can be one of the main sources of income as part-time or seasonal business. As good money can be earned through this business, artistic skills can also be increased. The first and foremost component of women is jewelry. A woman can be seen without jewelry. Not only gold jewelry that women have to wear, different types of jewelry can be worn at the venue. Such as earthen jewelry, cloth jewelry, flower jewelry and so on. Elegant and creative designs bring earthy jewelry to a different level in fashion. That’s why many women are leaning on earth-made jewelry.

Demand for earthen jewelry has been seen in rural areas before, but currently all women of the class use earthen jewelry. Women have long been wearing clay jewelry. At present, earthen jewelry is available in many designs. Many colors are used to make the soil jewelry look beautiful.

Why start this business: Anyone who wants to start this business can become self-reliant. Earn more money by investing a little money in a clay jewelry business. It is known to everyone as a profitable business. Demand for this business is always there, so there is no risk in this business. Many new and young entrepreneurs started this business and made a living.

How to get started

Homemade jewelry can be made at home. Ethel clay is good for making clay jewelry. First, the soil should be soaked with water. Then earthen earrings, bangles, etc. with the soil should be dried in the fire. When finished, you will see red made jewelry made of clay. Then you have to make different colors as per your choice. This is how earth jewelry is made. It should be noted that the colors look beautiful and attractive.

It is often seen that students can help their families financially by providing them with education as well as making clay jewelry at home. Clay ornaments can be made and sold at relatively low cost. Learn – Wedding Centered Business Ideas

Where to start

This business can be started in the market or in a small shop near the market. It is good to start this business at a place that is easily accessible to the people. If you want to start this business at home. Social media can be promoted to increase sales.

Potential capital: This business can be started with less money. With a potential money of 5,000, a jewelry making business can be started.

Marketing: Girls from school, college, university love this kind of jewelry. In all the parks, in front of the college, on the pavement, all these earthen jewelry can be sold. It is also very demanding in various fairs.

Qualifications: This business can be started if you have experience in making clay jewelry.

Potential Income: The revenue in this business is high. From this business, it is possible to earn from Tk. 5 to Tk.

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