How to reset locked Android tablet to factory settings

Formatting a Tablet can be a solution when they present some problems in their operation, such as slow application execution, screen freezing , forced stop of games, among others.

These situations could mean that we are facing software failures and to resolve them we may have to return our device to its factory settings .

How to Format, Reset or Restore a Locked Android Tablet to Factory Settings

As we well know, tablets have a very special place among the most popular modern devices, along with mobile phones. This is because users who love video games and reading consider them ideal to take their hobby anywhere, comfortably.

That is why when the battery fails in its life or there are operating problems, it is imperative to find a solution. And knowing how to reset your Tablet can be one of the things you need to solve the situation.


  • A simple method, use the “Reset” button
  • Factory reset from the Settings menu
  • Recovery, an advantage of Android
  • Other ways to restart your Tablet

A simple method, use the “Reset” button

Some tablets have a security reset mechanism, which can be activated by means of a button protected inside a tiny hole. This can be very useful when the situation is pressing.

To access this button, the first thing you will need is a small, sharp object, such as a pin. Insert it through the hole and press until you hear a slight “click”, then wait just about five seconds and your device will reset and be operational again after that.

This method is simple and can be very useful, but try not to abuse it, as you could damage the mechanism. A helpful tip would be not to apply too much force when pressing the button and choose an object that fits easily into the hole, to avoid possible damage.

Factory reset from the Settings menu

Bringing your Tablet to its factory settings from the Settings or Configuration menu is a fairly simple procedure. The first thing you should do is get to that menu and select the option to perform a ” Backup “.

Then choose ” Factory Reset .” A new window will open to warn you that you will lose some of the data saved in the internal memory of the device. Then select “Reset” and a few moments later, your Tablet will shut down to restart.

When it turns on, it will ask you again for your login information , that is, your email address and respective password. You can take advantage to create a new user or multi-users .

Recovery, an advantage of Android

This is a very useful option included in Android devices and it can be an excellent solution in case you have to reset your Tablet. To access this menu, you must do it just before the device fully boots up.

We start with the Tablet completely off and press the power button and the “Low Volume” button for about 6 seconds at the same time.

Once you have the initial logo on the screen, just release the power button. You will see the recovery interface screen appear .

At that time you can scroll through the menu, using the volume buttons. Find the option that says ” Wipe data Factory Reset ” and select using the power button. Then press “Yes” and immediately your Tablet will turn off to turn on completely reset.

Other ways to restart your Tablet

Sometimes, the small problems of our Tablet are solved simply by restarting the device , without having to return it to its factory settings. In that case, we can do it in several ways.

In the case of some Tablets, we can remove the battery and wait a few seconds. By replacing it and turning on the device, the problem may have disappeared. Now, in case the battery is not removable, we must press and hold the power button for a few moments, until the Tablet restarts.

When you turn it back on, if the problem is not serious, it will start working as usual. If for some reason the Tablet works well, but it seems to us that it is a little slow , we can always choose to make it a little faster .

Finally one of the simplest ways to restart a Tablet is to let the battery drain completely .


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