How to set up Google DNS

What are Google DNS? What are they for? They are certainly useful, sometimes indispensable and here you will find the guide to set them on Windows and Mac.

In 2009 Google Public DNS was born , which is a service offered free of charge by Google to make the web faster. For some years it has been made known in the official Google blog  that it is possible to use Google’s DNS, in this way browsing the internet will be faster, more free and uncensored. The browser pages will open more quickly and all those blocked or obscured sites in a certain country (including Italy) will be easily accessible. This is quite old news, many already use Google’s DNS with satisfaction, among other things, it has made a lot of discussion because all those obscured sites are not so legal: just think of streaming transmissions without having the rights as the matches of football or that allow you to download movies just released in theaters. In addition to gaining speed and being able to enter blocked sites, there is an additional advantage in Google’s DNS and is related to security. Google’s powerful system protects us from spoofing attacks:or sites that pretend to be other sites to mislead us. Although Google knows our information (the “preferences” more than anything else), it always remains a reliable authority on the internet and therefore we should trust it.

Google DNS on Windows

To set up Google DNS  on Windows you need to find the internet connection icon next to the desktop time (it is a white monitor if you are connected to an ethernet cable or cleats if you are using a wifi connection). Once you find the icon, you will need to click on it with the right mouse button and select  Open Network and Sharing Center .

In the page that will open you will have to click on the connection currently active  (ex. NETGEAR61) and then in the new window you will have to click on the Properties button , as in the screenshot below:

A further window will then open, use the scrollbar and always scroll down until you find the item  Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) . Put the check mark, then double click on it (the word Internet Protocol … ) and another window of the same size will open, and here you will have to indicate the Google DNS which are:

Preferred DNS server: 8.8. 8.8
Alternative DNS server:

Finally click on OK on the last two open windows to confirm the change of DNS.



Router settings

An alternative method to the one proposed, but which allows to achieve the same result, is to access the router settings: just open Chrome (or any other browser) and type the address or  and then go in the section reserved for the Internet and change the DNS from automatic to a personalized one, the numbers to be entered are those previously indicated by Google ( and



Google DNS on Mac

If you use a Mac and you need to set up Google DNS on OS X , the first thing you need to do is click on the network icon (the Wi-Fi cleats) located next to the clock and then select the item Open network preferences .

Then you have to choose between Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on the connection you are using and click on the Advanced button . In the DNS tab you will have to enter Google’s primary and secondary DNS server.


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