How To Change DNS on Mac

The connection to a website consists of many steps that are invisible to the end user but which obviously affect internet speed. One of these steps is translating the address you type into an IP address; this is done by a DNS Server. If you use Apple computers then I recommend that you change DNS to MAC for browsing speed and at the same time remove the limitations that the national DNS servers have (for example the inhibition of some sites).

In addition to all this, it must be said that many malware change the addresses of the DNS servers without the user’s knowledge so it is always desirable from time to time to check and possibly change the dns servers on mac.

There are many free dns servers that you can set up on your mac but certainly Google’s DNS and Open DNS’s offer above-average performance and reliability so they are the ideal choice; in  this  guide you will find the list of the best international and Italian DNS.

So, without getting lost in further useless chat, I’m going to immediately explain how to set up dns on mac.

Change DNS on Mac

Changing DNS on Mac is child’s play and you will only need to make a few clicks from your Mac’s settings; however, you will need to have administrator privileges on your Mac to set up dns on mac.

First open the Mac settings by clicking on the icon with the gear symbol and select the Network item . From the left pane select the network for which you want to change DNS on Mac and then press the Advanced button .

In the window that opens, press the button at the top with DNS written ; in this screen you will have to enter the DNS servers you want to use on mac and to do this press the “+” button at the bottom left and enter the IP address of the DNS server you want to add; then enter the secondary IP address of the DNS server as well. To change DNS on Mac you will also have to delete the old DNS servers by selecting them one at a time and then clicking on the “-” button at the bottom left.

Once completed, press the OK button to make the changes effective and complete the procedure to change DNS on Mac.

If once you have finished setting up dns on mac you will receive the message “Cannot find the server” while browsing the web then you have probably misspelled the addresses of the dns servers and you will have to double check the configuration. More information can be found directly on the Apple support pages . Obviously you can change the dns server on Mac as many times as you want so you can also proceed with attempts looking for the one that will offer you the best results.

As you can see, the procedure for setting up dns on mac is extremely simple; then if you want to change the DNS server for all devices connected to the home network with a single operation, follow this guide that explains how to change DNS server directly on the router.

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