How to fix DNS error on Playstation 3

PlayStation 3 can connect to the internet to download new games and content and allow users to compete against other players. A common error that occurs is a DNS error 80710102, indicating to the PS3 that it “cannot connect to the Internet,” according to the PlayStation Knowledge Center. There is a general fix for the release, as well as additional solutions for Ethernet and wireless connections.

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Things it needs:
PlayStation 3
Ethernet cable

General Fix

Press the “PS” button in the center of the PS3 controller.

Select “Turn Off Console.” Press the “X” key to confirm. Wait 30 seconds.

Press the ‘PS’ button to turn on the PS3 console again.

Scroll to “Settings” on the cross media bar. Scroll through the “Network Settings” menus and press “X”

Choose “Internet Connection Settings” and press “X”

Select “Easy” and scroll through the connection settings. Choose “Scan” to automatically detect a wired or wireless connection or “Manual” to enter information about your router into the PS3.

Consult your router manual for the required information.

Save the settings and select “Test”. The DNS error should no longer appear.

Wireless fixes

Scroll to “Settings” on the cross media bar. Scroll to “Network Settings” and press “X” Choose “Connect to Media Server” and press “X”

Select “Deactivate” and press “X” to confirm. Press the “Circle” key to return to the multimedia bar.

Go back to “Settings” and scroll to the item “System Settings”. Press the “X” key. Scroll to “System Information” and press “X”. Write down the MAC address displayed on the screen.

Access the router settings via your computer and enter the PS3 MAC address in the MAC filter by setting the router.

Wired Fixes

Make sure the PlayStation 3 is connected to the modem or router with an Ethernet cable. These cables resemble telephone cables with slightly larger plugs on each end.

Disconnect all USB accessories currently connected to the PlayStation 3.

Turn off the PlayStation 3 console. Unplug the modem and router so that all lights on the devices are off. Wait between two and five minutes.

Connect the modem and router. Turn on the PlayStation 3. Try to reconnect to the Internet.


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