How To disable the automatic start of videos on the internet

Internet advertising is changing, there are no longer any links and banners to advertise a particular site or product, but videos. A video arouses greater interest because you can see and listen and therefore you don’t even have to make the effort to read to understand what is being promoted. Usually this video advertisement that we call “video ads” or “video advertising” contains trailers of films coming soon to the cinema, audio of lesser known songs, YouTube channels looking for new members, video guides (of all kinds) and more. It is potentially an interesting advertisement, but not everyone likes to enter a site and find the sound of a movie at full volume … among other things if you are doing an internet search,

How To disable the automatic start of videos on the internet , you need to change the default settings of the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). In some cases you will get the still video as a result that does not start automatically and you will need to click on it to be able to start it, in other cases you will have to enable the plugin previously disabled (usually an icon with a red X appears at the top right) .


To disable the automatic start of videos on Google Chrome you can no longer act from the browser settings, however a browser extension called Disable HTML5 Autoplay is available . It is used to disable videos in HTML5 format (they are all like that by now), but if they are in flash it can do very little.



To disable the automatic start of videos on Mozilla Firefox  you will have to go to Settings (three dashes)> Add-ons> Plugins> Shockwave Flash and from the drop-down menu select Ask before activating . In this way no video will load and you will have to activate the plugin manually on the same tab of the browser in which it is located in order to see it.


Internet Explorer

To disable the automatic start of videos on Internet Explorer  you will have to go to Settings (gear)> Security  and then put the check mark on  ActiveX Filtering . There is nothing else to do, from now on any plugin or external component of a website will remain blocked unless it is executed manually and placed among the trusted sites.


From experience, I always recommend keeping the audio of the PC or smartphone always off or at a minimum, rather than performing these changes, both because they serve to keep the free sites and because the videos we may be interested in may also appear blocked.


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