How to zoom in on flash games and play in full screen

Among the many wonders that the web makes available for free there are flash games , until a few years ago it was said that they would have been short-lived but instead only the “heavy” ones ( like Unity ) or that present vulnerabilities (like Java) disappeared . For now, those who use the Flash Player are resisting very well, while those in HTML5 are increasingly successful. One thing I have always hated about flash games is that depending on the resolution of your screen they appear too small or too large. In this article I will explain some tricks to enlarge flash games, make them smaller and play in full screen without there being those annoying slowdowns.

1st Method

This method which I have already explained in an old article is to enlarge a web page using the mouse and keyboard  and it works for most flash games.


Hold down the left Ctrl key and then the + (plus sign) key to zoom in, or the  (minus sign) key to zoom out.


Alternatively, holding down the left Ctrl key   and scrolling the mouse wheel one click at a time, you will get the same result.



2nd Method

Through the SwiffOut extension  available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer an icon will appear with a blue figurine. If you open the flash game from any site and then click on the icon mentioned above, the game will be displayed in full screen and there will be no lag despite the resolution being at the maximum.

The test done with Firefox was immediately successful, with Chrome I couldn’t do any tests because it didn’t allow me to install the extension in the browser.

3rd Method

On the Giocare Gratis Online site there  is already a button that obscures the background (including advertising), while to enlarge the game you just need to use the browser zoom as indicated in the 1st method.


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