How to unlock the right mouse button on all sites

Still today there are website administrators who continue to use scripts or HTML codesthat disable the right mouse button click on their pages. It is an obsolete practice that should protect those who copy and paste by passing on the information of others on their own. Another possible use occurs in the registration forms where you are asked to fill in the fields dedicated to email and password twice, in order to avoid possible errors in the event that one of these two fields was previously written incorrectly . Personally I do not like this kind of limitation for users and I hope to find it as little as possible, but for the moment we can also do without following their rules, also because it is not at all difficult to get around these restrictions.


1) Enable right click : it starts working as soon as you add it as an extension of your browser. To deactivate this function, just click on the appropriate extension icon that normally appears at the top right. Very reliable.


2) RightToCopy : this also works very well. I noticed that it cannot be quickly deactivated with a single click, but you will have to enter the Chrome extension settings. 


3)  Don’t Fuck With Paste : even if the name is not among the most elegant, it does its job well enough. I wrote “enough” because in fact it didn’t work on all the sites I used for testing.


Mozilla Firefox

I could not find a hurry plugin, so you will have to follow the following steps step by step to enable the right mouse button on Firefox.


In the address bar you will have to paste this string:

about: config

To continue you will have to confirm that you are sure of what you are doing (playing with these parameters could compromise the functioning of the browser). On the following page you will have to write this new string in the empty search space:


Finally you will need to double click on it so that its value changes from true to false .

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