6 Important Reasons For Writing And Why We Write

Reasons for writing is very fundamental question for writers.Some times readers think why we need to write.writing always help you with other learning skills, too study reading, test taking, note takte taking, speaking, internet searches and more.In other words it can serve as your personal writing and learning guide in all of your classes.For one thing, writing makes you a better thinker because it helps you explore and analyze new experiences. For another thing, it makes you a better learner by leading to improved under­standing of what you are taught in class. And finally, the writing you do now will make you a better writer next month, next semester, next year, and forever.

Why People Would Love To Write And What Are Reasons For Writing

Write to Explore Your Personal Thoughts

Writing in a personal journal helps you learn important things about yourself and become more comfortable with the writing process.

Write to Better Understand New Ideas

Writing in a classroom journal or learning log helps you make sense of what you are learning and remember things better.

Write to Show Learning

Compiling reports, answering essay-test questions, and writing summaries show teachers what you have learned. These types of writing help both you and your teachers measure your understanding of new ideas and concepts.

Write to Share

Writing stories, personal essays, and poems to share with your classmates brings out the best in you as a writer because you are writing for an interested audience.

Approach all of your writing as a special opportunity to learn and to grow, and you will soon appreciate its value both in and out of school. So what should you do? Just start writing . . . for all the right reasons!

Technology And Reasons For Writing Is Best Writing Practice

Technology makes things happen quickly. If you want to be enter­tained, you turn on the TV. If you need to talk to a friend, you pick up a phone. And if you have to do some quick research, you surf the Net. Technology puts the world at your fingertips. It provides seemingly instant action.

Of course, technology can make writing happen more quickly as well. It’s much quicker to keyboard (once you become skilled at it) than it is to work with pen and paper. But when it comes to writing, speed alone doesn’t count for a whole lot. What really counts is your ability to develop a piece of writing into an effective finished product, whether on a computer or with pen and paper. There is nothing “instant” about good writing.

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