10 Proven Tips For Becoming A Better Writer

Becoming a better writer, you should think and act like one. The tips that follow will help you develop the proper writing habits.Writing is indeed natural gift. Every writer want to write his natural style.I know you people loved my previous post about About why we need writing. Here is, you can read some proven tips for writers.

Become a regular reader.

All of the pros read a lot. Reading helps them see how effective stories and essays are put together; it gives them a foundation to build on for their own work. Reading will help you in the same way. Read anything and every­thing—books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, fliers . . . even the backs of cereal boxes.

Write every day, preferably at a set time. 

Write early in the morning, late at night, or sometime in between. Just get into a regular writing routine, and stick to it. You probably set aside time to practice your musical instrument or an athletic skill. Do the same with your writing.

Becoming A Better Writer,This Is What Professionals Do

Write about subjects that truly interest you.

Doing otherwise makes about as much sense as going out for softball when track is really your first love. Writing is hard enough. It becomes pure torture if you don’t have strong feelings about your subject.

Write as well as you can by your own standards.

This tip comes from William Zinsser, an authority on writing. He knows from experience that writers set high standards for themselves. You should, too. Zinsser also says, “Quality is its own reward.” You will feel good about your writing if it reflects your best efforts.

Try different forms of writing.

Stories, letters, essays, reports, and poems—they all have something special to teach you about writing.

Become a student of writing.

Learn to recognize the traits of good writing, such as clear organization and effective word choice. Build your writing vocabulary. Learn, for example, the difference between abstract and concrete, between description and narration. And approach writing as a process in which you develop your thoughts about a subject.

Experience shapes writing.

A writer’s experience becomes part of what he or she knows, thinks, and has to say. Writing is the process of exploring these thoughts and experiences on paper.

Writers seldom move neatly through the process. For example, after completing a first draft, a writer may decide to toilet, more details before going any further.

Writers work differently.

Some do a lot of   their early work in their heads, while others put everything on paper. other writers need to talk about their work throughout the process, and so on.

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