what Is Good Character In A Person And Life

What is good character is very important question for every person and his life.Character is reputation  a man makes for himself by his conduct. It is the sum-total of the qualities, actions and tendencies which distinguish him from other individuals. Character is one of the greatest forces in the world. In its noblest expression it embodies the human nature on its highest terms, since a man exhibits himself at his best only when he possesses a character.

what Is Good Character In A Person And Life

Formation of Character

It depends mainly upon three factors (1) Heredity, (2) habits (i) conduct. These three factors play an important part in forming one’s character. But apart from them one can still form a g character. The early influences which surround one in his childh_ and the habits formed in his youth do exert a very great influence forming one’s character. The best kind of character cannot be for without effort. A person should exercise constant s ill-watchfulness, self-discipline and self-control. He is liable to meet with many a hurdle on his way. But they are only temporary. A strong spirit and an honest heart will pave ones way to the achievement of the final goal.

Determination & Perseverance

Even when the influences, i.e. heredity, habits and conduct, mentioned above, tend to weaken a man’s character still if he does really want to form a strong character, he can realise his ambition if he starts to surmount the difficulties with a will. “Where there is will there is a way” A really strong will-power coupled with perseverance and sincerity will never fall short of winning the goal one has set out to reach of oneself.


A strong character commands respect, admiration and homage. Character should be considered as one of the richest of properties that a man can ever possess. It is the noblest of possessions. It can be invested upon. Though it may not bring any material good yet it is sure to find its reward in reputation and honesty-honourably won. A genius is admired for his brains while a man of character is respected and followed. All of us cannot be great men. Great men are exceptional. If so we can at least play our part with integrity. We have our duty before us. Let us face it heroically.

what Is Good Character In A Person And Life

Duty & Character

Doing one’s duty is in itself proof of character. Those who do their duty may  be rich, learned or powerful; but they must be strong in heart, truthful and dutiful. It is not necessary that one should be rich or higly learned, but if one has character he can stand firmly and equally with others and hold his own. Simple honesty of purpose, founded on a correct and just estimate of oneself, and faith and obedience of moral rules, knowing and feeling them to be right, go a long way in life. One’s ambition should be based on sound principles which should be followed with strict adherence to truth and integrity. Ac unprincipled man is no better than a leaf in a gale and he finds tense If at the mercy of circumstances.

The Ultimate Secret Of  What Is Good Character In Life


A learned man says that one laudable aim of education “Is the development of positive and effective character. Everything else in education is tools and equipment” Need for character training is very important. A man of character is duly considerate about the feelings of others; he never takes a mean advantage’ he is prudent, clear-headed, frank, non-violent and liberal.

“It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say he is one who never inflicts pain. He is mainly occupied in merely removing the obstacles which hinder the free and unembarrassed action of those about him. True gentleman, in like manner, carefully avoids whatever may cause a jar or a joy in the minds of those with whom he is cast : all clashing of opinion or collision of feeling, all restraint, suspicion or gloom or resentment; his great concern being to make everyone at his case and at home. He has his eyes on all his company, he is tender towards the bashful and gentle towards the absurd. He is seldom prominent in conversation and never wearisome. He makes light of favours. He never speaks of himself except when compelled and never defends himself. He has no ears for slander or gossip, is scrupulous in imputing motive and interprets everything for the best.

He is never r mean or little in his disputes, never lakes unfair advantage, never mistakes personalities or insinuates evil. He has too much good sense to be affronted at insults; he is too well employed to remember injuries and too indolent to bear malice. He is patient, forbearing and resigned. He submits to pain, because it is inevitable, to bereavement, because it is irreparable, and t.o death, because it is his destiny. If he engages in controversy of any kind, his disciplined intellect preserves him from the blundering discourtesy of better, though less educated minds, who mistake the point in argument, waste their strength on trifles, inconvenience their adversary and leave the question more involved then they find it. He is too clear-headed to be unjust ; he is as simple as he is forcible, and as brief as he is decisive”.

“The man of character is earnest ; he puts his conscience into his work, words and actions. He is also reverential has reverence for high traditions, noble aims and pure thoughts. It has, often been emphasised by great men of the past that reverence inspires trust,faith and confidence in a man of character. They are the deep foundations of religion which bind him to his fellow creatures and to God”.

what Is Good Character In A Person And Life

“The man of noble spirit converts all occurrences into experience, between which experience and his reason there is marriage, and the issue are two actions. He moves affection not for affection, he loves glory, scorns shame, and governess and obeyed with one countenance, for it comes from one consideration. Knowing reason to be no idle gift of Nature, he is the steersman of his own destiny. Truth is his Goddess, and he takes pains to get her not to look like her. Unto the society of men he is a Sun, whose clearness directs their steps in a regular motion. He is the wise man’s friend, the example of the indifferent, the medicine of the vicious. Thus time goth not from him, but with him, and he feels age more by the strength of his soul than by the weakness of his body. Thus he feels no pain, but esteems all such things as friends, that desire to file off his fellers, and help him out of prison”.


Good character is moulded by the strength of will. The great leaders not only win a way for themselves but carry others along with them, such bravery of character characterised Luther, washington Pitt, Napoleon, Roosevelt, Quaid-i-Azam and all other great leaders. Thus a brave man proves to be a source of inspiration to the weak, and the weak are attracted by him and follow him. To quote K Smiles, “The career of a great man remains an enduring monument of human energy”. The man dies and disappears but his thoughts and acts survive and leave an indelible stamp upon his race. And thus the spirit of his life is prolonged and perpetuated, moulding the thought and will and thereby contributing to form the character of future. It is the men that advance in his highest and best directions who are the true beacons of human progress. They are as lights set upon a hill, illuminating the moral atmosphere around them; and the light of their spirit continues to shine upon all succeeding generations”.

Conclusion About What Is Good Character

A man’s circumstances might change for good or for bud.Who knows how the wheels of Fortune may turn? Beauty is not everlasting; it is sure to fade, hut character is one of the greatest virtues the lasting quality in man-that lives with him and lives after him.

Character is invaluable. “Men live in deeds, not in years”. Character is the crown and glory of life. Noble deeds can inspire man^ with hope and encouragement amidst loneliness and misfortune. They win fame without jealousy and wield power stronger than wealth. “Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust”. So character is rather an exception than a rule. The lives of religious teachers, social reformers and great leaders are valuable assets for society. They make people wiser, better and happier. Their noble deeds, glorious sacrifices and humanitarian acts evince their character which is immortal and beyond reproach-illustrious, inspiring and glorious. It is their noblest and the best heritage for their friend nation and country.

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