Why Importance of Hope In Our Life Is Always Good

Importance of hope in our life is very interesting topic.Hope is Heaven’s Angel sent to man by God. Man has his thoughts, dreams and ideals. He accomplishes some tasks, realises, some of his dreams and achieves some of his ideals. Some are born for their achievements and are acclaimed as born great; some make great efforts but fail to achieve greatness although they desire it and some five only on hope and their expectations of greatness are not fulfilled.

Why Importance of Hope In Our Life Is Always Good

There are too many who are disappointed in life and their percentage is the largest. In spite of all this man is goaded to act, to achieve and to realize whatever seems actually possible for him. At the beginning, the middle or the end of his activities his career may be cut short by illness, defeat or death. So in the brief period of existence allotted to him the sum-total of one’s achievements is infinite simply small compared with one’s expectations. That which urges a person and compels him to continue to strive in the midst of all failures is “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”, says the poet.

 Importance of Hope In our Lives, 10 Functions You Must Know

This bright messenger of Heaven inspires man to live, to work , and to persevere. He is a constant companion and a fast friend. In whatever sphere of life a man may be placed; this messenger ushers himself at the proper hour, leads him to renewed efforts and “to fresh woods and pastures new”. Hope makes no distinction of caste, creed, colour, form or method of the orthodox, or heterodox, the Christian m Heathen, Jew or Gentile. She is the friend alike of the saint and the sinner, of the poor and the rich of the shunned criminal and Society’s? S’; helps the policeman as well as the criminal. She be-friends.alike d&e sentimentalist and the realist, the nihilist as well as the apostle of order. Her functions and methods, her devices and crafts, her .constructive and destructive planning are inscrutable. Her sovereign power is unquestioned and it is exercised alike over the prince and the illiterate man at all times and on all occasions of life. All that comes to her mill is grist and it is her noble function to transfer what is apparently useless into something valuable. Useless is a work not to be found in the dictionary of  who are led by Hope. The man of hope will see in all things, however bad, the prospect of something better.

Hope Always Inspire And Motivates

Her ways are to fool, to cajole, and afterwards to lift the  founding wretch above his surroundings: to raise his heart and soul from the mire into which he is sinking. Hope draws the brave nearer and nearer to success. She is gentle like nurse, careful like a guardian and watchful like a miser of his treasure. Though grasped and held firmly in the arms of hope, man will sometimes rebel and kick and give way to despair. With patience and care, the frown and roars, the smiles and tears of her protegé are endured by the angel of Hope. Amidst fights, quarrels, passions and bickering hope leads him and shows him the right path to follow. Her grace and charms give life and all the warmth and pleasure of living. Be.it a peasant or a townsman, a churchman or a layman, a trader or a manual worker, a doctor or a lawyer, a judge or a criminal, a soldier or a civilian, everyone has to seek Hope’s aid. Hope enliven all their actions, willingly or unwillingly performed and every act a man does follow her pointing finger.

Hope not only inspires, urges and guides, but also sustains. The disappointed man, down on his luck, finds a sheet-anchor in hope at the time of shipwreck. Hope is the source of strength and consolation to a man for when he seems to lose the desire to live, she^ laughs at despair and is ever rallying men to fresh effort and renewed perseverance. It is the only sustaining power man can fall back upon in times of dire adversity. It leads him even to look beyond the grave, throws its lustre of faith in compensations in another world for all men who have struggled and failed in this life. A man is really dead only when hope has left him.

Conclusion About Importance of Hope In Our Life

The message of hope is God’s unambiguous proclamation of His purpose in creation. Amidst the din and devastation of cities and countries in war, the message of God’s grace, mercy, happiness, forgiveness, and peace comes to man through the promptings of hope. To despair of life is to belie God’s purpose, to fail to see that what God has created is not meant to be useless and vain. Hope conveys God’s eternal plans and blessings to mankind. However disheartened a person may be, however dark his future, however gloomy his career, still he must hope for the best if he believes in God. The silver lining always appears round the dark clouds that surround man on all sides. The poor man dreams of riches, the patient of recovery and the plucked student of his success next time. Thus Hope remains eternal in the human breast.

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