characteristics of hopeful people

Who doesn’t like Hopeful People? They look friendly, smiley, active, communicative so it won’t make us feel awkward because there is almost no topic that they can’t discuss with them. A flexible and outgoing personality is a personality that is easily adaptable, easy to adapt to in relationships, easy to make friends, can adapt to almost any environment and the most popular thing is that they can laugh when you laugh, cry when you cry.


But if this flexible and outgoing personality has to decide something, then she will be at a crossroads. He would look left and right first, but in the end he still couldn’t decide on his own. Maybe he should listen to the opinion of the dominant personality, or have an argument with an ambitious personality. He often felt uncertain. Decisions, when he has to choose which one to make, are suffering for him.

characteristics of hopeful people


  1. Drive to Adapt

This personality wants to welcome and accompany everything that is offered by the surrounding community. This is what we mean by the urge to adapt. This personality is easy and fun to hang out with. An important element for understanding this personality is: they are sensitive to the thoughts, attitudes, feelings and behavior of everyone in their environment, and take part in them. He is also a very confident person and usually has a great sense of humor


  1. Good listener

People with adaptable personalities are naturally curious. In social or work relationships, he is a good listener who gives serious and sharp attention to the whole conversation, recording different opinions and different attitudes. He doesn’t like to interrupt or interrupt with a defiant look. And most importantly, people with this personality can genuinely appreciate values ​​that seem to contradict each other. So, he will try to reconcile what is irreconcilable.


  1. Facial Expressions

People with this adaptable personality easily smile in the middle of sadness. Not that it is a mockery or derision for grief. However, for him the sadness is only temporary and after that it returns to its original state. He responded to the problem with a full smile and cheerful laugh. When he feels let down by someone else, he doesn’t necessarily show excessive expressions of anger or disappointment. However, he could suppress it in such a way, and he could still smile gracefully even though his heart was irritated. This is done so that other people do not see themselves sad.


  1. Weaknesses and Crisis

Being flexible can be dangerous when you are in a state of uncertainty. Chasing so much attention and so much excitement can lead to indecision. He can wait for a good opportunity, until finally it disappears completely.


  1. Grows with Adaptability

A child who grows up with an adaptable personality is usually described by parents and teachers as quiet and pleasant, who is willing to accept guidance and correction. Since childhood, the child is aware of the state of his environment, and is responsive to the things that happen in his environment. The child is also quick to speak.


  1. Adolescent Rebellion

Stepping on adolescence, his soul was full of passion. Teens with this personality can be rebellious. This can happen if he is in a bad environment. Given the flexibility of his attitude and personality, the possibility of being influenced by his environment is even greater. However, rebellion by a person like this, wasn’t that great. The rebellion will end when he gets a harsh rebuke from his parents, especially from his mother.

  1. Work and Career

He will be diligent, responsible, efficient with whatever he is doing, adjusting to the tone and atmosphere of the work environment in which he works. An adaptable personality is suitable to be a capable salesman, smart contract negotiator, actor, news commentator, moderator, teacher, politician, or a reliable social worker.


  1. Alternatives and Options
    -. Once you make a decision, carry it out.
    -. Listen to praise and flattery from others. Don’t play it as a joke.
    -. Stop seeing yourself as neglected and selfish. Start making yourself more decisive and assertive.
    -. Stand on your own feet. Realize what you want.
    -. People will not run away from you just because you state your own opinion and your own standards.



Everyone is important to socialize. Because, basically we are social creatures who are always dependent on others and cannot live alone. However, socializing is also tricky. When we have trouble getting people to like our personalities, socializing will arise.


So that you don’t have problems socializing in the environment, try these 13 ways so that you can be accepted by the people around you:


  1. Humble

Humble and not arrogant. Who likes hanging out with arrogant people? Let people judge you for who you are without needing to brag about your strengths or strengths.


  1. Love to help

In socializing, we also live to help each other. Everyone will certainly feel helped if they are helped when they are in need. Be a helper for the people around you.


  1. Love to give

Giving or being helpful is also a popular attitude for many people. Don’t be stingy, be someone who always wants to share blessings with others.


  1. Wise

Being wise in evaluating or deciding something is very important. Do not be a person who plin-plan and is not clear in making decisions. Be wise in your actions.


  1. Polite and courteous

Manners of courtesy and manners are still very much upheld in our culture. By always applying this in socializing wherever you are, then other people will respect you more.


  1. Does not get angry easily

Easily provoked by emotions is a characteristic of immature people. For that, don’t be a person who gets angry easily. Pay close attention to the problems you are experiencing without getting angry. This can make it easier for you to respond to and solve problems.


  1. Do not like gossip

Shouting other people’s habits or being busy taking care of other people’s business is an unfortunate habit. Don’t like gossip if you want people to like you.


  1. ‘Connect’ when spoken to

One of the things that makes us easy to like and easy to get along with is when we can ‘connect’ when asked to talk about any topic.


  1. Smart

There is a special charm of a smart person. Of course people will like to hang out when we are smart and not smartass.


  1. Be honest

Nobody likes a hypocrite who likes to lie. You should always speak up and be honest in your actions.


  1. Can keep secrets

It is very difficult to find trustworthy friends. But when you can become someone who can keep secrets and can be trusted, surely people will like and trust you.


  1. Do not like to judge

Many people often do this without realizing it. The intention of wanting to care can actually appear judgmental or sound like he is taking care of other people’s affairs. People will feel uncomfortable and annoyed and can even hate you for this attitude.


  1. Be patient

Everyone naturally likes to hang out with patient people. Of course, be patient as necessary so that your patience is not taken advantage of by those who seek profit.


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