Writing by hand makes it smarter

Writing by hand makes it smarter and just this type of writing would be more suitable for learning . That’s why according to some experts, taking notes with the laptop in the classroom would not be a good idea.

The study was conducted by experts from Princeton University and the University of California . It was published in the Psychological Science journal under the title of “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard. Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking “.

Previous studies had highlighted how using the laptop at school to take notes could be harmful due to the many distractions available on the Web. Is speed of writing really that important?

According to the experts who took care of the new study , taking notes by hand , therefore in a slower way, accelerates learning . By writing to the computer, especially if you are fast, you can report the whole explanation without problems. So the brain will not have to make any effort later to rework the notes.

Taking notes by hand, however, does not allow you to write every word of the explanation or speech you are listening to. Since then, the brain has been forced to reason to transcribe the most important concepts , to summarize them and to think of questions to ask so that the topic is clearer.

According to experts, transcribing the lesson word for word , rather than reformulating it in one’s own way, is detrimental to learning . School psychologists have highlighted that handwriting engages parts of the brain that are neglected when typing text on the computer , with particular reference to the areas associated with memory formation.

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They noticed that children are able to formulate more ideas when they write by hand, than when they do it on the computer. The conclusion of the experts? With handwriting learning is facilitated. So maybe you will arrive more prepared after school and study smarter.

Recopying and reformulating the notes by hand, therefore, is not a waste of time, on the contrary, it helps memory and study . Have you ever experienced it on yourself? The school, increasingly oriented towards new technologies, perhaps should think about taking a small step back, still giving great importance to handwriting.

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