10 safe natural remedies for children

It is thought that the natural remedies as these are always safe and risk-free for those who hire them. We reiterate once again that this is not the case and if it is a question of children , then, even greater attention must be paid , avoiding the do-it-yourself and instead if possible contacting a trusted herbalist, a naturopath or a pediatrician close to medicine natural that can advise you best.

We present 10 safe natural remedies for children , generally the most used ones from 6 years and up. For infants and younger children, the situation is even more delicate and we refer you to the professional figures mentioned above.


This plant is excellent for all seasonal problems : cough, cold, sore throat, etc. but also to prevent the appearance of these ailments because, thanks also to the presence of vitamin C, rose hips stimulate the immune system. Children can take it in the form of herbal tea (perhaps mixed with something else since they may not like the flavor) sweetened with a little honey or in glycerine macerate or gemmoderivato. In the latter case it is good to dilute the drops (usually 20 are sufficient) in a fruit juice or better in hot water in order to evaporate the alcohol that serves as a preservative for the natural remedy.

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Mallow is one of the safest plants that exist in nature, so much so that unlike many other herbs, it can also be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The mauve , such as rosehip, is great for solving problems that may occur, especially in winter, the respiratory apparatus: then cough, sore throat, bronchitis, etc. as it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory action on the mucous membranes. Excellent also in case of colitis and intestinal problems (constipation included thanks to the presence of mucilage in this plant) as well as in case of canker sores and gingivitis . It can be used in the form of herbal tea, glycerine macerate but there are also ready-made syrups to be taken in case of cough and sore throat.

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Another safe natural remedy for children is manna, which is also recommended both in children and in pregnancy for women suffering from constipation . It is extracted from the incision of the ash and, thanks to the very sweet taste , it is appreciated by children who can easily take it, unlike other products. Its laxative effects are delicate but effective, in fact it manages to promote intestinal peristalsis without creating irritation. It can be taken together with water or fruit juice.

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Plant well known both for the prevention of seasonal diseases and for timely treatment when the first symptoms occur. It is generally taken in the form of glycerine macerate (for children the recommended dose is often 20 drops twice a day) but it also exists in tablets or mixed with other natural remedies in products for cough, flu or to strengthen the immune system specifically designed for children.

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Royal jelly is a precious ally of the health of bees from the world of bees , recommended in all cases where the little ones need a little more energy , perhaps because they are debilitated after a flu or another disease. Thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals, it nourishes but is also able to naturally stimulate the immune defenses of the little ones, therefore excellent in particular in the change of seasons . It is sold fresh or in vials to be taken one a day, in both cases the morning before breakfast.

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A widely used remedy also for children is ribes nigrum , useful especially in case of allergic reactions (it is considered a natural cortisone ) but also to relieve respiratory disorders and strengthen the immune system . It is generally taken in the form of glycerine macerate and therefore can be administered to children diluted in hot water if you want to eliminate alcohol or in a fruit juice. The recommended dose is always 20 drops, a couple of times a day: in the morning and then after 6/7 hours without ever exceeding 16-17 hours as it can have an exciting effect and disturb the baby’s sleep.

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The lime tree is a safe plant in pregnancy, lactation and children. It is an excellent calming both in the form of herbal tea and as a glycerine macerate. It can be given to children if they are particularly agitated and especially if they have difficulty falling asleep or have frequent awakenings during the night. If the taste is not liked, in the case of herbal tea it can be associated, for example, with red fruits or other sweeter and more pleasant plants for children. Have the right mix prepared in herbal medicine specifying that a child will have to drink it. Taking glycerin macerate is perhaps simpler because it can be diluted in fruit juice.

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Nasal washes are very important when colds appear or children have a lot of mucus, perhaps due to incorrect nutrition (to be changed first of all). In fact, they help disinfect the respiratory tract and uncork any stagnation that may form. There are several methods to carry them out: use a syringe without a needle filled with physiological solution or better still a mixture made by you of water and whole sea salt (a pin is enough of salt otherwise the child could burn), or use a dropper to insert in the nose or the nasal sprays that are sold ready in the pharmacy, or even use the lotus if the child is older and can wash with this tool.

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We recently talked about the benefits of hot salt packs . This remedy is extremely safe and pleasant even for the little ones, especially in the case of bronchitis and phlegm . Among other things, it is inexpensive and very simple: just place the hot salt compress (making sure it is not boiling) in the area of ​​the bronchi and lungs. The heat that penetrates allows you to detach the phlegm, dissolve it and therefore make it easier to expel the child. The compress can be repeated a few times a day for several days.

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Probiotics (or lactic ferments ) can be very useful for the health of children, especially those who have not been breastfed and therefore have had more difficulty in creating an intestinal bacterial flora that is effective in protecting them from external attacks and in giving them a fit intestine . There are products specifically designed for children, useful in case of intestinal problems such as diarrhea or constipation, essential if the children have undergone antibiotic therapy or still a good remedy in case there is a need to stimulate the immune system.

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