Baby carriers: 5 things to know before buying one

The baby carriers baby carrier are all the same? Which one to choose? How to orient yourself in the great offer that now exists both online and in specialized stores? What are the things to consider before buying a baby carrier to carry your baby?

Here are some practical tips.


  • ergonomics
  • Convenience of use
  • Organic cotton is better
  • Age of the child – It is possible to use it from the first months
  • Aesthetics: design and color


The first criterion for choosing a baby carrier to carry your baby is also the most important: check that it is ergonomic! The child must have the hips apart , the knees higher than the bottom and the slightly convex spine, the so-called “M” position . The bodies of the child and the parent must be in close contact, otherwise the position will not be optimal. The baby carrier you choose will have to respect the delicate physiology of your child, distributing his weight correctly on your body.

To ensure this, the ergonomic baby carriers are equipped with a wide and soft panel on which the child will sit and rest his back, two adjustable shoulder straps to keep your little one close to you and a large padded band that surrounds the waist.

Convenience of use

The baby carrier (ergonomic!) Is certainly very practical. You put it on and take it off in seconds. It is perfect for babies on their first walks because they can slide out and put on the baby while keeping the baby carrier attached. It can be carried in front or behind , as needed, and some models also allow you to carry it on your side . Usually it is a product much loved even by dads who prefer it to the elastic band, because it is less complicated to use and certainly more sporty.

Material. Organic cotton is better

Many brands of baby carriers, as well as ergonomics, also think of ecology, choosing organic cotton as the fabric for their baby carriers. The ergonomic organic cotton baby carriers are the result of an iron selection, which allows you to have the highest quality products, certified, soft and welcoming.

Their softness, typical of the baby carrier, is combined with the practicality of the ergonomic baby carrier, making the product of great excellence. Furthermore, organic cotton is the perfect choice if you are sensitive to environmental issues, if you lead a vegetarian, vegan lifestyle or simply in respect for nature and in the use of ecological and natural approaches in your daily life.

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Age of the child – It is possible to use it from the first months

The baby carrier should be used after the child has reached 6/7 kg of weight. However today we are starting to find baby carriers that allow you to bring your baby from the first months thanks to their particular feature of being adjustable, both in the width of the seat and in the height of the back. In fact, these ergonomic baby carriers “grow” together with the baby, always keeping it in a correct and well wrapped position, in the most natural way possible. However, it is advisable to wait for the child to hold the head well on its own.

Aesthetics: design and color

Dads love the baby carrier , not only for practicality but also for their aesthetic that conveys a mix of technology and design. Even fashion-conscious moms love it, because they can be purchased in many colors and patterns. Even if aesthetics is not a criterion that must dominate the choice, it is certainly an important factor, because the pouch will become a fundamental accessory in your daily outfit. So do not forget to choose it also according to your tastes!


Without prejudice to the criteria for choosing our ideal baby carrier, where to buy it? In specialized stores for children, taking care not to be attracted to the most famous and noble brands that very often do not fully comply with all the best criteria starting from ergonomics and materials. For those who are familiar with the web, there are now several sites where you can buy your favorite baby carrier, also saving some money. Among these we point out the new online shop where for all our readers it is possible to obtain an exclusive 10% discount by entering the code GREENME010.

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