iPhone Second Hand: 5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Nowadays, anyone who wants a (newer) apple phone, but also wants to save money, can get a second-hand iPhone. If you decide to buy a second-hand iPhone, it is definitely not a bad step, especially from the point of view of ecology. You are buying equipment that someone has already used, which means that it will continue to be used by you and, in the worst case, it will not end up somewhere in a landfill. Even so, there are some pitfalls you should know before buying a second-hand iPhone.

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Is the seller trustworthy?

You need to start by looking at whether the equipment vendor is trustworthy. Sellers of used phones can be divided into two groups, namely private individuals and companies. The private owner usually sells equipment that he used himself and decided to buy a new one. Companies then sell used equipment, which they often buy from customers. In both cases, everything may be fine, but in both cases you may get burned. For a private individual, first try to look at his rating (if available), at the same time never send money in advance – maximum for postage. Cash on delivery is a completely normal thing everywhere in the world, only in the Czech Republic it is not used, even though it is intended for these purposes. Then enter the company name in the search engine and try to find some information or ratings. 

What is the status of the device?

Once you’ve checked your second-hand iPhone retailer, take a good look at the status of the device you’re buying. First, inspect the body for bent accidental damage, which could result in severe damage and replacement of some components. Ask the seller what has been replaced on the phone, or why. At the same time go to Settings -> Battery and check the battery condition. If you hold a device that is 100 years old in your hand and has a 100% battery, then in most cases it means that the battery is new. On the other hand, you already know that someone had been “rummaging around” on the phone before. It should be mentioned that I have personally met such batteries, which were able to deceive the function of the battery condition and even after several years of use constantly displayed 100% capacity, even though.

Many companies sell equipment that is labeled as Refurbished. Apple started using this word on devices that he sells himself as used, but one hundred percent functional. Refurbished officially means that someone handed over their old Apple device, which was subsequently diagnosed and inspected. Malfunctioning components were replaced as needed. With an official Refurbished device, you have 100% certainty that the device works as it should. However, some companies mention the word Refurbished for used equipment that is not repaired in any way. So always check exactly what the definition of the word Refurbished is in the store where you buy a second-hand iPhone.

What if the device breaks down?

The equipment that is used is more likely to cause some form of failure. On the one hand, it may be due to old age, and on the other hand, precisely because someone had the device “open” and performed incorrect tasks in it. In this case, it is necessary to find out what will happen in such a case, if the device fails. Virtually no private individual will provide you with a guarantee, a maximum of a few days to try it out. However, larger companies provide guarantees to ensure that you do not have no phone and no money. Therefore, you can check the warranty provided for the used equipment on the company’s website.

Is the device completely deleted and logged off?

When purchasing a used device, it is necessary to find out whether the device is completely deleted and mainly logged out of the Apple ID. If the device is still led to an Apple ID, or if Find is active on it, then it is completely useless to you. You would not be able to make purchases in the App Store, the person in question could track the device via Find and more – in short and simply, the device would not be one hundred percent yours. In addition, if the device is deleted, it will be locked and you would never be able to access it without the password to the original Apple ID.

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