Babywearing: 10 benefits of bringing babies in the swaddle

Bringing children into the sling , what are the most important advantages, benefits and motivations of this choice? Abroad we speak of “Babywearing” while in Italy we often refer simply to “bring” .

We have already provided you with some useful tips on how to choose the most suitable baby carrier for you and your child, with pictures and videos that explain how to wear it. Now let’s see what are the positive sides of bringing children in the sash and the most important reasons for doing it.

1) It is comfortable

According to The Natural Child Project , one of the most important reasons and advantages of bringing children in the swaddle is comfort. In fact, mothers and fathers with the baby in the swaddle are able to walk and move freely , unlike what would happen with the stroller. They will no longer have to worry about obstacles such as stairs, steps and sidewalks that force you to lift the stroller or pram during daily walks and errands in which small children are brought with them.

2) It helps the child’s development

When the child is close to the mother, he follows the rhythm of his heartbeat and his breathing, in addition to his movements. This stimulation helps the child to regulate his physical responses and to exercise the vestibular system, which controls balance. The fascia helps to create a “transition uterus” for the baby, who has not yet learned to control all his vital functions and movements. (See “Current knowledge about skin-to-skin (kangaroo) care for pre-term infants.” J Perinatol. 1991 Sep; 11 (3): 216-26).

3) It makes children happier

According to some studies, bringing children helps to make them happier . Direct contact with mom and dad decreases tears and “tantrums”. In traditional cultures, where it is normal to bring babies in the swaddling clothes, the little ones cry only for a few minutes a day , unlike what happens in the western world, where unfortunately the little ones away from their parents can cry for hours and waste so much energy instead they should keep to learn more about the environment in which they are located and to observe the world around them. “See. Hunziker, UA and RG Barr (1986). “Increased carrying reduces infant crying: A randomized controlled trial”. Pediatrics. 7: 641-648; Powell, A. “Harvard Researchers Say Children Need Touching and Attention “, Harvard Gazette).

4) It is healthy for parents

Bringing babies in the swaddling clothes is healthy for parents, especially for mothers who, with the need to look after the little one, have little time to devote to themselves and to physical activity . With the baby in the swaddling clothes, it will be easier to go out for a walk in the park and generally move more during the day, especially in the first months after giving birth.

5) It better protects children

Children need protection and the gesture of wearing them in a sash makes them safer. The swaddle can be a safe haven even for slightly older children who are already learning to crawl. After a few moments exploring the world they will know that they will be able to return to their mother and find the sense of protection and security they need especially when they are very young.

6) It helps to communicate

When parents feel more confident in their children’s education, they have much more time to relax and spend a quiet time with them . Parents understand children better if they learn to take time to communicate with them not only in words but also with gestures and facial expressions. Wearing the sling can make it easier. From this close, even for babies it will be easier to communicate to mom and dad when they are tired, when they are hungry or when the time to change the diaper has arrived.

7) Create bonds with parents and grandparents

Wearing the baby in the swaddle helps the little one to create deeper ties not only with mom and dad but also with grandparents, babysitters, with any health workers and with those who take care of him. The movements and heartbeat of the people with whom the little ones are in contact reassure them. Together with the voice they help to help children get to know the people who live with them better.

8) It makes children safer

The swaddling bands – and other carrying tools – are probably the safest place where the baby would like to be , after the womb. The little ones will be definitely safe in the swaddling even in crowded or potentially dangerous places. The band provides physical and emotional security when necessary , so that outside of “carrying” the little ones, they can venture into the world and become independent at their own pace.

9) It costs less than strollers and prams

The bands are less expensive than strollers and prams, especially if the latter are purchased new and branded. Nothing prevents parents from alternating methods, but the need to save money could bring them closer to the world of bringing. The bands are resistant and can usually be used for a long time , even every day for two years or more. And then they could come in handy when the new brother or sister arrives.

10) It is fun

Bringing children into the sling, once you learn the technique, becomes fun. It is easier to pamper and massage children when they are in the swaddle. When the child grows up, the sling allows parents to observe closely his reactions to the wonders of the world around him. It is also fun for the child, who being closer to the face of adults tends to interact better with them.

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